How Soon Does Thrush Dissappear With Treatment

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dueJan1607 - February 28

Pretty sure my dd has thrush since her tongue and inside of mouth have white spots...I have an app't at the doctors tomorrow butI'm just wondering how soon it'll go away since it seems to bother her when I'm feeding her. Thanks!


flower.momma - February 28

My kids never had any luck with nystatin, which is the most commonly prescribed treatment. It was either wait it out, or use gentian violet with us.


mrsfiveday - March 3

Nystatin worked for my ds. I would use a q tip to rub it on cheeks and dropper for his tongue and to swallow some. You may also want to get a yeast infection cream for the baby's bottom, cos usually if its in the mouth it will cause a bred rash on the bottom.


kellens mom - March 4

Ask your doctor if it is safe your baby to have yogurt (with live active bacteria). We were able to dip our fingers or a paci in yogurt several times in a day (as prescribed by our doctor) in order to treat thrush. It is nearly gone within 24 hrs using a 60 cent cup of yogurt from the grocery store. Cheap, healthy, doesn't stain...and best of all, It really works! Our dd was using yogurt for thrush at 4 weeks of age.


Renee924 - March 4

mine has had it for almost two weeks and she still has the white patches, but her tongue has cleared up. it was like solid white. She HATES the medicine though. She's got a 2month check up Monday but I think she's going to have to get more medicine for it.


Renee924 - March 4

oh she's on the nystatin too.


kellens mom - March 4

I reread my post this morning....I think I sounded a little dingy! I meant to say that you could give the baby a little yogurt using a finger or a paci dipped in it. It is not important that they swallow the yogurt, so you don't have to give her a spoonful. Just reintroduce the bacteria into her mouth several times a day. Thrush is the lack of a certain bacteria that normally resides in the teeth. Anyone without teeth (or in my dd's case only two little ones) is suseptible to thrush. Believe it or not, it happens to older people if they don't have teeth to harbor the bacteria. My point in re-posting is that yogurt is not supposed to be used as a food...more like an oral wipe that tastes great!


Ashleyg - March 4

my ds didnt have any luck with the nystatin, he was on that for two weeks. then the doc gave him oral diflucan, it was gone in a couple of days.



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