How Soon Does Your Period Return

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Ruth - October 30

My son is 3 weeks old and I think that I started my period today. I was down to just the brown discharge stuff, no more blood. Then today I felt like I had cramps for a little while, it went away but when I went to change my pad there was blood on it and it was mixed in with the brown discharge. Isn't it too soon to be starting my period? Could it just be that I'm still healing and I should take it easier? Or could it be a normal period already?


Jamei - October 30

It could be period, or not. I bled for 2 weeks, stopped bleeding for the 3rd week, and started again at the 4th week. I stopped bleeding during 6th week, and got my period during week 7.


oh wow - October 30

that would really suck. i suppose it varies. I did't get mine until about 6 months later, what kinda sucks even more is that 2 months later i was pregnant again! Didn't realise it because my periods had just started. I thought they were just a little off and would take time to return to normal. 4 months later it finally hit me that I might need to take a pregnancy test.


Eryn - October 30

If your b___stfeeding you typically have your period delayed. Sometimes if you are really active one day then your bleeding will increase. I didn't stop blleding until about 6 weeks. When I tried to workout it came back.


KrisD - October 30

My guess would be that it isn't your period yet, but everyone is different. I bet it will trail off really quickly whereas I hear your first period is rather heavy. Try taking it easy for a bit...


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 31

I would not know since it will be 11 weeks on Wednesday since he was born and have not gotten it yet. I am not b___stfeeding either. I did bleed for 3 weeks after delivery.


Rachael mommy2lucas - October 31

Scratch that, I actually got it today. So for me almost 11 weeks


mommy of 2 - October 31

My son is almost 6 weeks old, and I still haven't stopped bleeding bright red blood. I don't remember how it was with my first son, but I have my 6 wk checkup soon, so I will ask my doc. Anyone else have this problem?



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