How Soon For Your 2nd Baby

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Blue Eyed Baby - October 12

I had my son is July and I'm already planning/ready for the next. I was just wondering if this is a common? Even my husband, who I had to fight to have the 1st, is talking about trying for a girl. I think I want to wait until Skyler is a year old and then start trying they will be about 2 years apart then.


@}---}--- - October 12

you dont have to try right now but if you are on birth control i would consider stopping and using condoms that way it may be easier to consive becouse you body will have time to adjust and the birth control will be compleatly out of your system ( i had mine in april we are discussing it too)


chelsey - October 12

Just had my second 3 months ago, (first is almost 4) but I'm ready for a third! DH was going to get a vasectomy, but said last night he would like a 3rd even 4th!!!! Yippie!


Shelly - October 12

I will try once i have forgotten how my pregnancy and delivery was LOL!! But seriously,IF i have an other one it will probably be about 2 years from now,not much longer than that since i'm not getting any younger either!!!


chelsey - October 12

I'll never forget the pain of v____al delivery or c-section..... Honestly couldn't say which was worse! (makes me wanna get sick....) Shelly, you cant be that old......!!!!!


Blue Eyed Baby - October 12

I think I would like to have another and then adopt. I have two adopted sister and I think it's awesome. I haven't built up the nerve to tell my husband. Babies aren't cheap. : )~


Chelsey - October 12

Adoption is an awesome alternative! I'd adopt a whole bunch of babies, or kids, if I thought I could afford it!


Blue Eyed Baby - October 12

I didn't have an easy deliverly but I would do it all again. It's so worth looking at my son and knowing he's here because of me. I feel so lucky.


Chelsey - October 12

I'm too scared to do it again, just yet... the whole pregnancy thing stressed me out! Just worrying about baby, while pregnant, then the delivery, now diseases and SIDS...etc, etc... parenting is a good way to have a heart attack!


shelly - October 12

i know what you mean Chelsey,i never thought i would worry this much!!!.And the whole SIDS thing got me totally freaked out.I still tap my baby if i am not sure he is breathing.Poor baby.And yes i am getting older,iwill be 30 !!!! on new years day!!! Oh well,i always said i would have my first baby at 28 years,i was pregnant by 28 and had him at 29!! Not too bad of a prediction.(i was 9 when i said that)


P - October 12

My daughter is seven months and I'm thinking about another. Still haven't decided for sure though. If I do have another I would like for them to be around two years apart. Guess I'd better make up my mind soon!! lol


Jbear - October 12

I just had my second child in August. My older daughter is three. I thought two kids would be twice the work, but it's about ten times the work. Not to discourage anyone, though...


miranda - October 13

I waited until my daughter was a year old (and b___stfed her as well) until we started trying again. Two months later I was pregnant, and my son was born almost a month ago, about a month and a half before my daughter's second birthday. It has worked well for us, you really should give your body a year or so to heal from the first.


M - October 13

A good way to go with adoption is what my friends did. They adopted twins from the state. The boys were taken away from there parents. That way you can give an abused child a wonderful home. They paid her 600 a month per child plus they got free medical. So if the $ issue for the fee of adoption try it through the state social worker/. Just a thought


Michelle - October 13

My daughter was 11 months old when I found out I was pregnant. This one is a big time bobo baby. But we are having another girl and we will try one more time in about 2 1/2 years. I am nervous about having two small children, but oh well. Once my other daughter is born, my girls will be about 18 1/2 months apart.


sherry - October 13

i had a baby 10 weeks ago, but it took a long while to have her, and i know he'd luv a boy, eventhough we aren't really trying, we aren't preventing. depends on what you can afford and handle. it's easy to say it when the baby is being real good, and when they are screaming, you are happy to have just one. we all manage though, so good luck to you. i had my baby the 1st of august. i do feel like i want another though, and when af comes i get sad still. how weird is that? heck you aren't alone! hugs, sherry


sherry - October 13

had mine at 29 to shelly. we got that in common and similar names (he, he)



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