How To Clean Little Girls Properly

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ry - May 4

Ok, this may be the dumbest of all dumb questions and it is very embarrassing but this is my first baby. I have a 5 week old daughter and she always has funky stuff in her va___al lips. When i change her diaper i always try to wipe it out good but it is sticky and hard to get out, especailly while she is screaming and kicking! She HATES the bath so i can never get her to soak long enough to get it cleaned out well either. Anyone have any suggestions on what i can do? i even tried a q tip and that didnt work too well.


SonyaM - May 4

I don't have girls so I am not sure but I think I have read posts about this before and that you aren't really supposed to clean it out. Again, I could be wrong but just in case no one posts a response I wanted to tell you what I have read.


Rabbits07 - May 4

baby girls have a normal discharge that gathers in the labia. (As long as it is white and doesn't have a bad odor it is completely normal) You do not need to try to wash it is actually recommended that it not be washed off.


ry - May 4

wow, u think a doctor or someone would tell you this! i think sometimes it is a little stinky though. what do i do in that case?


olivia - May 4

I remember asking my doctor if my daughter had a yeast infection. He said it was vernix, that covers the baby in utero, the folds of the v____a tend to hang onto it longer. So don't pick at it, it will all come off. Make sure you wipe front to back so no poop gets in there though!


pbj - May 4

Yep, my ped said just wipe from front to back, no need to get it all out, it's normal secretions. I don't think they tell you cause unless you ask, they a__sume you know...I had to ask. Of course though if she poops and it gets in there you need to clean it out.


Rabbits07 - May 4

if you think there is an odor I would mention it to her ped.


Amy_mommy - May 5

i have the same exact question to ask!!!!!!! my baby girl have this white really sticky stuff inside of her v____a and one time, i just took it out and she was screaming like crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was sooooooooooooooooo sticky like a glue or something...........



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