How To Get My Baby To Eat Some Solids

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mary.t.79 - December 2

This is a request to all mothers please tell me how to get my baby to eat some solids. She is six months old now and the doctor has suggested we start some cereals and mashed fruits. The problem is that she is refusing to take the spoon in her mouth. If I force her to take some stuff in then she is immediately throwing it out. I am totally lost. Does anyone have the solution to this problem?


Malica - December 2

We too waited until 6 months before starting solids and although DD showed a lot of interest when we were eating, she just couldn't seem to figure out that she needed to open her mouth for the spoon. It was really frustrating, especially since they're born with a suckling instinct but I never realized just how hard it could be to learn how to eat with a spoon. It took us 3 weeks of patience trying once a day with just plain rice cereal before we could get more than a teaspoon of cereal in her. One day the light just went on and she realized what to do and she started gobbling down everything. I wasn't for cramming it into her mouth but I did trick her into opening her mouth and she wasn't all that happy with me. I'd stop before she got really mad, but she was never really pleased with the whole process as we were trying to learn. How long has this been going on?


mary.t.79 - December 3

I have signed up at just after my son was born. It is a really great site and I am sure the best for making online baby journals. My husband has to travel a lot and he enjoys reading the little trivia I add about my son whenever he is away. Can someone guide me on how to arrange the photos in the book? I would love to get some suggestions from other users.


utucker25 - December 4

I have been a mom for the last one year, which is since my first baby was born. It is really easy if you follow all their instructions properly. Once you get used to it you will have no problems at all. Now I am helping my cousin decorate her baby book! It’s so addictive.


Niobe - December 4

with my first i had started him when he was around 3 months it was hard but if i made him laugh i could get a few spoons in and it was getting better but everyone told me to wait until he was 6 mo but then it was too late he wasnt having it he had learned how to keep his mouth closed and was not opening it for nothing he was 1yr and a few months when he starting eating solids and i had to send him to my aunt for 3 weeks now with my second i just started him on solids he's 3 mo he refuses to eat friuts but eats his veggies at first he only ate like 1/3 at must it been 2 weeks now and he is eating half of the # 1 so try making your baby laugh just to get her mouth open and stick in there also try giving her finger foods like cracks peas cheerio stuff that she can put her mouth by her self good luck with that and keep us infoormed on how everything is going


Niobe - December 4

i forgot i started preparing my second son when he was a month or so by spoon feeding him milk you can try that too


mary.t.79 - December 5

Well your advice really helped me. All I needed was sit there with a little patience and now my little hero’s pictures are arranged in the perfect way.


bellybubble - December 5

Wow mary.t.79 you come on here asking about feeding your baby solids and then its all about babychapters..... hmmmm - maybe i should sign up - haha yeah right!


heather75 - December 6

An online baby book site is great news. I just had a girl last week and was just thinking of starting her baby book. I will surely check out this site. Is it free?


utucker25 - December 8

The site is totally free. That is only one of the great features of Once you sign up you are sure to get hooked up.


katiep1219 - December 9

Hey I like everything I have read about this and I want to sign up here. There is one thing I want to know, can I share the baby book with as many people I want to?


mary.t.79 - December 10

Well at there are absolutely no restrictions. You can share your online baby book with everyone you want to. You can even invite others to write in your baby book and make it more interactive as well as interesting.


katiep1219 - December 11

Thanks, all of you. I have signed up and already my in-laws have commented on the guest section. Will these be there if I print the book?


utucker25 - December 12

Yeah when you print out, your book up to the guest section get’s printed. And welcome, glad we could be of help!



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