How To Gethim To Eat More People Food

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lin7604 - January 27

my ds is 15 months and he is still so very picky. he won't eat meat, only carrots (sweet potates or squash if it's baby food), no cheese, no pasta. he will eat toast, yougart, cereal, sometimes fries or rice and granola bars. i find he has several time ate something once but won't touch it again. eg) chicken fingers. i feel i am feeding him the same thing day in and day out! I try to always give him what we are eating especially at supper but i end up giving him the things i know he will eat. my hubby gets upset when i do that as he thinks then he is getting his way and he knows that so he will refuse any other food. others tell me to feed him what you eat only and if he is hungry he will eat it. i just don't know what to do and i was hoping that others that had picky eaters will be able to give my some suggetions. thanks


CWeber - January 27

Mine lo one at 10 months went through a bit of that. I started making his "big" meal of the day at noon or so. He at first refused to eat meat and veggies but I just held out. Starting earlier in the day gave me a longer time as I WANT him to go to bed with a full tummy. Usually by 3pm he would give in and eat it. Then I would give him his fruit, yorgurt etc at night when I knew he would eat it no problems and he could go to bed full. I would try feeding him what you eat but just save it for the next day at lunch and try it then. I think you need to be firm on it or he will just wait for you to give him what HE wants. Don't give in! My lo now (with resignation ;-) eats his main meal no problem.


lin7604 - January 27

congrats! i try and try. see even yesterday we had consumme soup with rice in it for lunch and he loved it, today he wouldn't touch it? so he only would eat a yougart at lunch today. wouldn't even try a grape either but they are new to him. it is just so frustrating as i don't want him to go to bed with a empty tummy but i'm not just going to give in to yougart and a breakfast bar all the time. but if i don't then he will wake hungry? ahhh...


jodie - January 27

Hey there! My son turned 2 in November and he is just now starting to eat more things. It has been a rough 2 years because I felt like you, like he was eating the same thing alll the time. He would eat rice, chicken, oatmeal, some cereals, toast. He wouldn't eat veggies only fruit. But now I can actually give him peanut b___ter and jelly sandwiches, turkey burger...and he will occasionally try what we are eating. I would always offer him everything that we had even if I new he didn't like it I would leave it out for him. I would also give him something he liked so he had the option. It was really tough but we are starting to make some progress. Good luck! Oh, and our pediatrician had me give him vitamins everyday so he would get the nutrients he needed that he wasn't getting becaus of his pickyness.



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