How To Help With Walking

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hmreyna - March 8

My ds just turned 1 yr on March 1st and he refuses to even try to walk. He can stand by himself but once he realizes he is not holding on to something he falls down. If I try to get him to stand by himself he starts to cry. Now he has gotten to the point that when I even try to stand him up on the floor or anywhere he just bends his legs and will only sit. I know I just have to give him time but is there any toy walker or anything someone can recommend?? I do have one toy walker I got at walmart that is light weight but when he pushes it, it goes to fast for him and he just sits down. Any ideas??


hmreyna - March 8

Oh, he also has one of the walkers that he can sit it, but when I put him in he just cries and wont walk... he use to play in it and walk all around but now he would just prefer to crawl and get around that way.


sahmof3 - March 8

The only suggestion I have is give him time and don't try to force it.... take it from the queen of late walkers lol (mine were 13 1/2 months, 16 months and 13 months when they walked).


hmreyna - March 8



piratesmermaid - March 8

Does he or did he walk while holding onto your fingers? If so, maybe try to build up the trust so he knows you're not going to let go of him and start with him walking while he holds onto your fingers, or what we did with our dd, she would stand on our feet, holdon to our fingers and we would take teeny tiny steps, she would always look down at her feet ontop of our feet, and I think it helped her. If not, I know she had fun.


CyndiG - March 8

I agree with sahm. Sometimes it seems like everyone elses kid around you is doing things much faster than your kid, but time really does pa__s by so quickly, what's another month or two that he's not walking? He will do it. One day you'll turn around and he'll be toddling right over to you. That's one of the things I've learned with Carlie (she's my second, and Morgan is 8). Time goes by so fast, cherish EVERY second with them doing whatever it is they're doing at the time and don't always be looking forward. Sometimes you have to stop and look at now. :O}


Bridget - March 8

Wow, Cyndig, you hit the nail on the head. My DS is almost 13 months and is right about where hmreyna's DS is. He can just about walk but he chooses to buckle his knees if I try too hard to get him to. He likes the ride on toys with the high handle to walk behind but he won't walk while hoIding my hands. I learned early not to rush things or at least to stop worrying so much if he wasn't making all the milestones according to the books or other babies I knew. It isn't a contest and I knew he would hold his head up, roll over, sit up, crawl, etc. when he was ready to. As long as you know there is not a medical issue, which is rare, relax and live in the moment. My son was about 10% later for most of the milestones listed above. He didn't sit up without help until he was over 9 months old. But he does now and very well at that. I remember tummy time and trying to get him to hold his head up at 3 months and time just whizzes by.


BaileysMummy - March 8

I would just try to build up his confidence by walking with your support. My ds started with a walker, then walking holding both hands, then one, now just lightly holding my finger. Don't try to rush him or he may get scared. My ds is almost 15 months old and finally took some steps to me yesterday all by himself (I was so proud, we were cheering and laughing when he did it, which he thought was fun). I used to be worried that he had no interest in walking as well, but they do it in ther own time. I just realised once he does start walking, he'll run away from me all the time and probabl won't want to sit with me and play anymore, so I enjoy the time now.



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