How To I Keep My Baby From Turning Blue When She Throws Up

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NewMommy2007 - September 30

My baby is 16 days old, i had her 2 months early and she is still in the hospital, she is 33 weeks and is already eating from a bottle. 2 days ago she threw up some vitamins they gave her and she turned blue from holding her breath. I am so afraid to feed her now when i go over there cuz im afraid she will turn blue on me again. How would i prevent it from happening again or how could i make myself feel better about feeding her and not be afraid?


javidsgirl - September 30

you need to discuss this with the peds. i understand your fear i really do i just went through a scare with my little one who is seven weeks do the samething but it was because she was coughing so bad . i hope all is going well with your little ad that your baby will be home soon


Krissy25 - September 30

How scarry. But like Tanya said you need to talk to your doctors and nurses about that. I don't have any experience with premature babies but i can only imagine that b/c or their size and not being full term that there are a lot of things to be afraid of but like any new mom the more you do things with your baby the more comfortable you will become and when a problem arises you will know how to handle it.


wailing - September 30

Although it is scary to see that happen, I've actually read alot about babies that hold their breath until they turn blue. My friends brother and his baby both did it. Talk to ur pedi like the other girls said. I think, eventually they grow out of it


Val - October 1

Very scary! Definitely check with the drs. I don't have experience with preemies, but my ds would hold his breath when crying. My MIL blew in his face and he would stop holding his breath... we used that trick until he was about 3 months, and even did it again yesterday (at about 4.5 months) when he seemed to be holding his breath. He never did get to the blue stage though... Good luck...


NewMommy2007 - October 1

Thanx guys, i really appriciate all of your advice, i will deffinatly ask my pedi, the nurses at the nicu keep telling me the more i do it the more confortable il be with getting better at it. Thanx again


squished - October 2

Our ds spent 19 days in the NICU and progressive care nursery and we too were very nervous to do anything with him at first, but they will make you do more and more things as she gets stronger. The goal is to make you comfortable taking care of your baby so that when she comes home you will be good at it. The thing that made me the most nervous was the feedings too. I was terrified to burp him, even after he came home. Good luck and talk to the nurses they are the greatest resource!



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