How To Keep A Scheduled Bedtime When Outgrowing Naps

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lin7604 - October 10

my ds will be 1 on the 24th andi am finding that his naps are getting later and later. He normally naps in the am around 9:30-10 am for 1-1.5 hrs and then his nap in the pm was always around 1:30-2pm for 1-1.5 hrs but now i find he is talking in his room forever now before he falls asleep. it's been 45 min already. So if he doesn't fall asleep till 3pm or later then it messes up bedtime. I want bedtime to be between 7:30-8pm no later then 8:30 but the other night he was up till 930 as he needs at least 3 hrs min to wind down and get tired out again for bed. do you think he is almost ready to do 1 nap a day? push his am one later and sc__p the pm one? what do you think?


DDT - October 10

According to "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child" from 10-11 months SOME (but not all) lo's will no longer need a morning nap. They only need the afternoon nap. Let him nap at around 12:30pm (hopefully he will sleep for 2-2.5hrs) and then make bedtime for 8pm. You may as well give it a try and see if that works for him better..he will let you know if it doesn't (haha!). GL.


kim00 - October 10

When my first dd was a year, she went down at 1 and slept for 2 hours, then she went to bed at 7:45 for the night. She was only taking the one nap during the day. GL.


lin7604 - October 11

thanks, it just seems that be 10-10:30 he is really ready for a nap, so he wouldn't last till lunch time. it's the pm nap that seems to be getting later and later but then he won't make it till 5 pm! and 4-5pm is too late then to have a nap? aghhhhh,


lin7604 - October 11

ok well i think i am going to try it tommorrow, today he was getting cranky around 9:45, so i put him down. he babbled till just after 10 and then only slept till 11. at 1:30 he again was yawning, rubbing his eyes and looking tired so i put him down at 1:45. It is now 2:30 and i can still hear him talking up a storm!!!!! what gives! you figure if you yawn rub eyes, your tired, but i guess not. It just seems so strange as he was on 3 naps for a long time, up till 10 months and just all of a suddenhe went to 2 naps and now one????? all in a month and a half , if that.



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