How To Keep Them On A Schedule When We Set The Clocks Ahead

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ImpatientMommy - March 8

This is what I'm planning on doing but I don't know if it'll work. My daughter has put herself on a pretty routine schedule and I hope to keep it that way. She usually wakes up between 6-6:30 for her first bottle of the day and if she's sleeping, which she probably will since she'll think it's an hour earlier, I plan on just waking her up around 6:15ish and giving her her bottle. Then she usually goes back to sleep and sleeps till somewhere between 8-8:30 so if she's still sleeping I'm going to again just wake her up around 8:15ish and if she's cranky then I'm just going to deal with it haha until she takes her first nap and then so on so I hope to just try and do everything at it's usual time even though her body is going to think it's an hour earlier hopefully she'll go to sleep at her usual bedtime of 7:45 which I have a feeling she will after the whole day going through her usual schedule.


wailing - March 9

Gosh Impatient...remember when our lo's were just itty bitty and we were wondering what would happen when we had to turn the clocks back?? They're growing up soo fast:( I plan on sticking to our routine too. But, we're going to play it by ear. Ds has been waking up at 7am for his 1st bottle (used to be 9am), so maybe this will be a good compromise and he will wake up at 8 haha.


ImpatientMommy - March 9

I felt so bad waking her up this morning!!! I wanted to do it around 8:15 but I just didn't have the heart to do it, I sat by her crib looking at her and she was just sleeping so soundly I felt horrible haha so I ended up waking her up at 8:30 and much to my surprise she wasn't mad or cranky or anything. Seems like my plan worked because she had her first bottle at 6, SHE actually woke up for that... which was strage but worked out for me.


ImpatientMommy - March 9

P.s. Wailing- I actually thought about that when I originally posted this, I totally remember everyone talking about that but it didn't really matter to me because Jo wasn't on a schedule at alllll at the time haha



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