How To Keep Warm

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WiFey - October 23

I come from Asia and have no idea how to keep my baby warm during winter, without using a blanket which can cause SIDS. My son is now 1 month old and he does not like to be swaddled. He sleeps with this arms everywhere. Other then using heating, what do you wear/use on your baby at home during winter to keep him warm?


Jenn... - October 23

I have seen something called a sleep sack that would help. It is almost like a dress but the bottom is not open and it zips all the way up. Also, long sleeved pajamas that also cover the feet will help. I have a couple that are made of fleece for Blake to wear this winter. If you need extra warmth, maybe you cay even put a long sleeved onesie underneath. I hope these suggestions help!


Heidi - October 23

I live in Minnesota so it's getting cold here! I put her onsie t shirts on under her sleeper outfits to keep her warm and that way I can say she got some use out of the t-shirts. They sell long sleeve onsies at Walmart too.


WiFey - October 23

I like the sleep sack idea. I'll be buying some of those. As for onsies+sleeper, these 2 layers will be enough? Does this mean the baby will be sleeping wide open with this? What is the ideal room temperature for these clothing? 70F? Thanks! I appreciate your suggestions.


ally - October 23

i had a winter baby, sorry call me ignorant but i have never heard the term swaddled, is that another way of saying wrapped, its all i can guess. We used to wrap our daughter in a bunny rug, newborns usually like it and her arms would end up out of it as she got a little older, as long as ur baby is on their back blankets r safe, we would not put them right up too high on her, like not up to her neck or anything, just below and as long as his or her feet are at the bottom of the ba__sinett or cot so they cant move u will be fine. Over heating causes sids and babies usually dont freeze to death so just 3 or 4 blankets and u will be fine,


ally - October 23

oh yea and we would really tuck them in, the blankets i mean....... good luck


Jbear - October 24

I have a sleep sack and we like it. It zips from the bottom up to make diaper changes easier. I also bought a blanket at walmart that has a pouch for the baby's feet, and then the sides of the blanket wrap around and velcro. For my first daughter, I used crocheted blankets because they're warm but have a very open weave, so they're easy to breathe through.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 24

we also use crochet blanket, Amaya will not sleep without it!


momma - October 24

i use a sleep sack and when i use that my daughter doesnt seem to kick the blankt off or tug on it i also use crocetd (sp) blamket


Tanya - October 26

My son is in a sleeper and then I keep the heat level in his room so that it isnt too hot but never gets cold.



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