How To Know If She Pees

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Monica - October 19

After my baby was born and I took her home, my midwife told me to watch and make sure she pees. She said to put a piece of toilet paper there so when I changed her diaper and it was wet, I wouldk now she peed. Just that every time I chage her diaper she has pooped so it's hard for me to tell if she's peed or not. Should I be concerned? She's a week old now ... if there was a problem with her not being able to pee, or whatever the midwife wanted to watch out for, would I have known by now?


Jbear - October 19

I've never heard of the toilet paper thing. You can usually tell if they've peed by the weight of the diaper or the smell. Also, for a baby girl the pee usually ends up in the back of the diaper. If you're really concerned you can lay her down on something waterproof (like a puddle pad) without a diaper and then you'll know. The midwife probably told you to make sure she peed so you'd know she's getting enough milk, if you're b___stfeeding. I'm sure your baby was peeing when you were in the hospital, they keep track of that and would have noticed if there was a problem. When I was trying to b___stfeed in the hospital, my daughter wasn't getting enough liquid and her pee came out as patches of orange crystals in the diaper. If you haven't seen anything like that, I'm sure your baby is peeing enough.


Tahlia's Mama - October 19

Jbear is right. Pee in a diaper is quite heavy and just a poop is quite light. If it is heavy there is pee. How many wet and dirty diapers is just so you know they are getting enough of everything.


Monica - October 19

Thanks for the replies! She seems to have a very good digestive system... I have to change her at least every 3 hours or she soaks through her onsie and 2 blankets with poop/pee(?). I just though maybe there was some problem that happens with babies where they can't pee or something. I feel relieved =D


BBK ® © - October 19

What JBear said, plus a diaper with pee is enlarged and soft where a dry one is smaller and firmer to the touch



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