How To Lose 5lbs Quickly

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ry - February 27

Anyone know, I am desperately trying to drop these last 5lbs as quickly as possible without starving myself to death. Anyone have any suggestions on what actually works? (Excersize and/or dieting wise)


Deb - February 27

Are you b___stfeeding? The reason I am asking is because everyone I have talked to said that they couldn't lose the last five pounds until they stopped b___stfeeding. Other than that, I wish I had some helpful advice...I've got 12lbs to lose but I haven't really found the motivation yet :o)


Emmie - February 27

I lost ten pounds in a month by stopping drinking soda.


Aimes - February 27

What about maybe doing slim-fast for a week or so? Also, I've heard Weight Watchers is great, but if you only have 5 lbs to lose, then it might be too expensive to get involved in. I would say to keep youself busy so you can't think about eating!! Also, do you drink soda or have a "treat" every day? If so, maybe cut out that one thing and you will definitely lose weight.


vonzo - February 27

Have a BIIIIIGGGG poo! I lost 3.5lbs after doing that :o) Other ways are eating your main meal at lunch time instead of dinner time as you have more chance to burn the calories off during the day than while youre at home at night or sleeping. If it's just for an occasion you want to lose it for then you could try the good old soup diet but i WOULD NOT recommend this as a healthy weightloss alternative to lose them for good, not to mention the bottom burps that go with it are rancid!!! You may be thin, but you sure wont smell pretty!!


ry - February 27

Lmao!!! I actually gained 7lbs back when I stopped b___stfeeding. I look so flippin stupid right now because I have scrawny legs, arms, and shoulders but a chubby stomach. I look like I am pregnant! I have a big girls night out Saturday and want to minimize this if at all possible! And girdles dont frustrated right now!


AnytimeLittleone - February 27

Ive lost over 200lbs by eating lean meats and veggies.. and limited carbs. If you eat.. for example.. breakfast : 2 boiled eggs, lunch: tuna on salad with light dressing, dinner: lean protein and veggies... and youre active during the day.. you should be able to lose about 5lbs in a week...


AnytimeLittleone - February 27

It IS possible, because ive lost the 200lbs in 18 months.. and most of that was very quick at the beginning (like 30lbs a month-ish!)


lexa - February 27

WALKING/WALKING/WALKING!!! I love walking to lose weight. Although I don't know if the weather is feesible where you live. I lost 20pounds by watching what I eat and exercise. It only took me 3 months. I toned up a ton too. It doesnt sound like much, but I lost 2 dress sizes total. I would eat fruit for breakfast and have a coffee (Im not a breakfast eater). Then I would workout. Eat lunch (mostly soup or bagel sandwich or salads/fruit) and then dinner. I would eat small snacks of cheese/yogurt/pretzels in between my meals if I was hungry which I always was since I cut down my portion size. Also, tons of water!!! I walked everyday if the weather was nice. If it wasn't I worked out at home by doing videos and strength training. Do you really have to lose 5lbs? The reason Im asking is I just read an article in Fitness that says if you struggle to lose the last 10lbs toward the number goal you set for yourself, your body may be telling you that you really don't need to lose it. I thought that was interesting! Good luck!


Mellissa - February 27

I lost ten pounds in a month by riding an exercise bike 20 minutes a day and not eating so much pasta/bread.


Smilefull - February 27

Eliminate carbs and sugars completely from your diet for a whole week. You can eat pretty much whatever else you want! Then after that slowely introduce it back into your diet--ofcourse only good card ie. whole grains//nothing white whatsoever. It works really well especially that first week because you break your addiction to sugar--eliminates your blood sugar from fluctuating (which causes hunger and hence eating more)--and you lose a lot of water weight because eating carbs makes your body retain water. IT's a really good way to get rid of those last few pounds that won't budge


aurorabunny - February 27

LOLOL I love Vonzos posts..."Take a big poo" hehehe I love it. Well I've been meaning to post this to you gals but I haven't actually tried it sister and her friend both received a form of acupuncture where I guess they put a couple little staples somewhere on the ear and it is supposed to control the part of the brain that deals with cravings....anyway, both of them have lost almost 14 lbs. within the first week of doing this and they say they feel great but are just really not hungry. Could be cuccoo bananas, but I dunno, it is working for them....also only cost them $40. Worth looking into I guess.


SuzieQ - February 27

Decrease sugar, walk a lot, and drink lots of water! I've almost lost all my preggo weight by doing this! (4 1/2 mos pp)


Perl - February 27

South Beach Diet. Basically NO sugar (including fruit and fruit juice) and NO bread or other grains for 2-3 weeks just protein and good carbs (basically most veggies. Everyone I know who tried it lost weight within 3 weeks. Even though I felt like I was eating more than I normally would (example South beach diet recommends an egg/veggie omelette for breakfast versus normally for me it would be yogurt and cereal). I lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks and my dh lost 10 pounds in same amount of time even though we were eating more. This is good if your b___stfeeding. After 3 weeks you can slowly re-introduce some fruits and whole grain foods into your diet because you can get irregular if you eliminate grains and fiber filled foods from your diet. Good luck!


Mommy2Bryce - February 27

Try a dieters tea...they help you poo...and i lost 7lbs in one week drinking 2 cups a day! Just make sure you dont go too far from a bathroom! lol...but it seriously works!


Kara H. - February 27

Find yourself a child with Rotavirus and expose yourself! I lost 12 pounds when I caught it from my baby! In fact all three of us (baby included) lost 10% of our body weight in less than a week. Now for the disclaimer part: your ribs will hurt from puking, your abs will hurt from the cramps and your b___t will be so raw 4 days of watery diarrhea it will bleed. Weight loss may very.


Kara H. - February 27

ry - do your think you are retaining some fluid from the hormone shift? I never used to do this, but if I have any extra salt, or if it time for my period, I will bloat really bad - to the point I got asked if I was pregnant again! My ob has given me a script for water pills, but seem to harsh for me. I prefer caffiene to do the job - plus it gives me more energy to get things done. I usually get a sugar free frappechino from my favorite local coffe shop, when I am bloaty. Hot drinks just make me sleeping and diet sodas just don't seem to have enough caffiene to do the trick.



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