How To Lose All This Weight

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mommie2b - July 13

Since I have had the baby I lost 26 pounds right away and now I am stuck at 173 pounds and I have been using the treadmile walking and running and doing atleast 40 crunches a night I do not eat but maybe 1000 calories a day if not less and I just can not get rid of this weight. Is there any diet or anything I can do to get rid of it?


Ronni - July 13

i had the same problem. i have been stuck at 125 for the last month!!! my lo is 3 months, i have 12 more pounds to go. Well, i started weight watchers last week, and in one week i lost 2 lbs!!! i am now at 123!!!!!


SonyaM - July 13

I did weight watchers year ago and I love 5 pounds the first week adn 14 pounds overall (in about 4-5 months). It wasn't too hard, but now with kids I don't know if I could do it again. We ate very simply back then and it would not work with kids. My husband lost 10 pounds the first week and 50 pounds overall in the same amount of time. Good luck.


HannahBaby - July 13

I did the south beach diet after my daughter was born and the weight just fell off of me. buy the book, its worth every penny. Its a hard diet to stick to but it works and you dont have to worry about counting points of buying "weight watchers" food


Nerdy Girl - July 13

I am a devoted fan of the Weight Watchers Core Plan. I lost my baby weight after baby #1 on that plan and am now in the midst of losing the weight from baby #2. I love Weight Watchers, but I will never be able to go back to counting points (the old WW plan). The Core Plan rocks!


SonyaM - July 13

Nerdy Girl, what is the core plan. I have only done the counting points one. I love weight watchers because you CAN eat whatever you want as long as you plan and don't go over your points. It worked great for us. If I feel deprived on a plan I wont' do it. I just love food so much and of couse not the good stuff. I could eat queso and chips for breakfast, lunch and dinner-and sometimes I do. I gues that's why I am overweight huh?


angelbebe - July 14

Mommie2b-are you b___st feeding? Cuz if you are that is way too few calories! My advice is to keep exercising and eat frequently, small meals throughout the day. keeps your metabolism fast and it's better for you. Don't eat three hours before bed and drink lots and lots of water. I worked with a nutritionist for years so I am getting this from her.


Nerdy Girl - July 14

The Core Plan is a newer plan WW introduced a couple of years ago. There are a list of "core" foods that you can eat unlimited amounts of without tracking points. It's stuff like lean meats, veggies, fruits, whole wheat pasta, couscous, polenta, fat free microwave popcorn, eggs, skim milk, fat free sugar free jello, etc. Then you also get 35 points per week of "non core" foods. So yes, you can still go out for pizza once a week with the kids or have ice cream once in awhile. I like this plan because I do not feel like I am dieting at all and I am never hungry. I do not find the core food list restricting. We eat lunch out a lot on the weekends when we are running errands with the kids and we go to Chipotle a lot. I always get the chicken burrito bowl. If I wanted to, I could make the whole burrito bowl be core but I love the rice so I have to count 4 points for the rice.


Kel - July 14

I feel you, I still have agou 15 pounds to go. I've heard great things about weight watchers.... I velieve they even have a program called "bye bye baby fat" or something like that - you should check out their website if you are interested.


JEN - July 14

Not sure how tall you are or your body type, but I am 5'4" and 121lbs right now. I am trying to get back down to around 115, so after I stopped bf I cut back to only like 800 calories/day...BIG mistake. My metabolism shut down totally and I could not lose a single pound in the month that tried this rediculous plan. I was also working out on the elliptical machine for 1 hour/day, 5 days per week. Anyway, I started back on weight watchers and I am back to losing! It really is a great plan. Also, I found the website can get a free profile and set up a calorie if you want to lose say 5lbs in 3 weeks it will tell you how many calories you need to eat per day. Good luck, and give yourself a little break! A hungry mommy can become a grouchy mommy very quickly- trust me LOL!


JEN - July 14

Oh- the point of me telling you my height and weight in the above post was that I need to consume at least 1300 calories per day (you can get this info from the fatburn website). So I'm pretty sure you need way more than 1000 calories per day girl!


violet29 - July 14

I agree - you need way more than just 1,000 calories a day! That may be why you CAN'T lose weight - your body is in starvation mode and is holding onto anything it can instead of burning calories. Sometimes you need to eat more to lose more - as crazy as that sounds. Try to just eat well, not diet. I've been following the Modern Menus plan (you can find them online) and it is awesome - teaches me how to eat well rather than diet.



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