How To Mix Formula W Cereal

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aa - November 28

Sorry if it sounds dumb.. how do you mix formula & cereal, and what bottle / nipple can I use? My son is 2.5 months. He's an eating machine. He eats 5 oz every hour. He can hardly sleep because he's always hungry. I know the recommendation is NOT to start cereal until 4 month, but I think with my son I have to start giving him a tiny bit a little early.


ally - November 28

I don't want to get bashed but thats wayy too young. They say 6 mths now, i started my daughter last week, she is 5 and a half mths. Maybe he is having a growth spurt. I am from aus and we dont use oz so i have no idea how much u mean but give him more formula, my daughter was probably drinking 200 mls by that age if anyone knows thats almost a full bottle, if he is hungry give him more formula. He wouldn't even be awake long enuff to even eat the cereal. They say to wait til they stop that tongue mechanism they have as well. Just give him more milk cause they aren't ready


Julie - November 28

My son was the same way yours is and we started at 9 wks. I didn't give it to him in the bottle I gave it to him by spoon in the morning and evening. He was fine.


Daisy - November 28

Maybe your son is not hungry all the time, but just bored because that is a lot of formula. Have you tried giving him a pacifier?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 28

My son has reflux and gets two tsp of cereal per 4 oz in his bottles since 5 weeks, and he is fine. I use Dr brown bottles and the size 2 nipples are just fine for that amt of cereal. He used to get more per his Gi doc, and dr brown has cereal y cut nipples for that. Hope that helps.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 28

Just put a couple of spoons in the bottle. You will know if its too thick. If it is ever the consitancy of like a milkshake it is too thick. When we add cereal to her bottles you cant even tell.


momma - November 28

at my dd 2 month check up i was told to give her 5 - 8 oz bottles instead of 10 - 4 oz bottles and if she still seemed hungry after that i could add up to 1 tsp per scoop of formula (but to start with one scoop first) and it had to be rice cereal hope this helps


aa - November 28

Thank you so much guys.. you answered all what I needed to know..


To Momma - November 28

How did the transition from the 4 oz. to 8 oz. bottles go? Was she able to eat all 8 oz in one sitting?



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