How To Put Her Back On Schedule HELP

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kristina1980 - September 8

Hi, I just came from 3 week vacation from Europe with my 13 month old daughter. in europe she slept with my mom in one bed, and I had to stay with her till she fell asleep. Before the vacation she slept all by herself in her crib, withou rocking her to sleep. Now that we are a week home, she can't stay in her crib, she wakew up 3-4 time a night, don't want me to leave the room. The doc told me, do it the cold way. let her cry it out. but she can scream for 2 hours in row, just like now. and not go to sleep. PLEASE help, I can't even call her sitter, I can't go to work, or get anything else done, because she jus want to go to sleep on her own like she used to.


Sashetka - September 8

Hi Kristina, we got back from 3 weeks vacation in Europe almost a 3 weeks ago, my daughter is almost 13 months old too, it took her almost 2 weeks to get to her usual routine. She also kept waking up in a middle of the night, now she is back going to bed at 7:30 waking up at 6:00, I would say, just have a patience, give her time ... if not, I really don't have any advice ... cry it out sounds so cruel :) ... good luck ... btw. where are you from? Sasha


Jlips - September 8

I'm sorry for your frustration. I know it can be difficult. I think its important for you to recognize what you want from her. Do you want her to hurry up and learn your schedule or do you want to easy back into something comfortable for both of you. Personally I would definitely comfort her. I definitely do NOT agree with the doctor. How cold and ignorant of healthy social development. Change is not always easy for either adults or children. It may not be easy for her to be in a "new" environment. I firmly believe that you cant give children too much attention and care especially in their first years of life. It is now that they learn if they are valued, listened to, protected and safe or a nuisance, irritation and not heard. Many adults forget that they don't like sleeping alone. How many couples share a bed? Hmmm, so why would we why expect our little ones to feel any different. It may take time for her to feel safe enough to sleep on her own but dont worry. If she gets the attention she's asking for, maybe she'll go to sleep quickier. It also just means she wants to feel close to one of the most important people in her life...her mommy.


kristina1980 - September 8

Hi ladies, thanks for the respone. I googled some more infos. And looks like she might be going through separation anxiety as well. I read about it quite a bit and it make sense. so I'm gonna take it the easier way. I finally got her to sleep by rubbing her back. I can't sleep either, and suffer from anxiety, so I can relate to the poor thing. BTW I am from Slovakia.


Sashetka - September 10

Ahoj Kristina, nahoda, ja som tiez zo Slovenska, momentalne byvam v Tolede, Ohio, uz asi 6 rokov. Ako sa ma mala, uz zacala spavat sama? Inak ak ma strach z odlucenia, to este chvilu potrva, Sofia zacala, ked mala 8 mesiacov a az teraz si zacina zvykat na inych ludi, najhorsie, ze este stale nechce ist k svokre, co mi je hrozne luto .... vela stastia, dufam, ze sa este ozves, Sasa sasha0803 - gmail



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