How To STOP Breastfeeding

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lynnstress - February 10

I posted this under B--tfeeding but got no reply. If you have any hints or suggestions, I would really appreciate it. Thanks! My son is 8 weeks old, and his 2-month appointment is next week. I am going on vacation in less than 4 weeks for a week and I'd like to be done and dry before I go. I spoke with the pediatrician's nurse yesterday; she said stopping gradually is best and they would discuss it more fully with me at baby's appointment. We starting giving him formula at 2 weeks with the dr's okay. Some days (like yesterday) he has more formula than br___tmilk! Yesterday I br___tfed only 3 times and then pumped before bed. I know br___tfeeding is best and I've done it for 2 months now. I've read all the books and talked with the doctors. I even went to a LLL meeting. I just want advice or stories on how you stopped. I want to try to advoid cold turkey stopping if possible, but I leave for vacation on March 5! Thanks!


Liv - February 10

Your Pediatrician is right. You would want to gradually replace all the feedings beginning with the daytime ones and ending with the bedtime one. So I have been told. Where are you going on vacation? :)


Meredith - February 10

Make sure you do not save a middle of the night feeding for last...that was the hardest for my first to give up and it was torture for me at night.


lynnstress - February 10

I'm going for my annual girls' trip to Las Vegas. And my son has been sleeping through the night for a couple of weeks now! I just hope it stays that way - so does Daddy :)


wow - February 10

Brave woman leaving baby so young. You could just pump milk for the next four weeks, say one full bottle a day, freeze it, then give that to baby while away. You would get engorged and have to pump and dump on your vacation. Have a great time and remember BREAST IS BEST, you don't have to stop simply because you going away, bad excuse


JL - February 10

Gradual is definitely best, for your own comfort as well as your son's. However, if your son takes the bottle well already, you could just take him off the b___st completely and pump to "wean" yourself. Start with 4x day, the 3x per day, etc. The other thing that will help decrease your milk supply would be to go into the birth control pill. Another thing ---- Don't let these die-hard b___stfeeders influence you. Only you know what is best for your situation. I have experienced both camps now, bottle and b___st. I b___stfed my first baby for a full year. My second baby had a really rough time with it (for many reasons... don't judge me!). We worked and worked and worked at it with a lactation consultant. It was a nightmare! I b___stfed him exclusively for 6 weeks, then took him off the b___st and started pumping. I had so much guilt over it, but my son was so much happier once he was on the bottle. Now 5 weeks later, I only pump 2x per day. My supply is way way down. I am not sure why I am still even pumping because I barely pump out enough for him to have one bottle per day.


wow - February 11

Its one thing to stop b___st feeding because of unaviodable problems (relating to b___stfeeding) and another to do so because we want to leave our new baby for a week and go on vacation!


Jamie - February 11

Yeah, I couldn't imagine leaving my baby behind for a vacation. Wow. There's no way I could pull that off, even if I weren't b___stfeeding. I'm just too attached to her. That said, I have no advice on how to wean, but do be prepared to be engorged on your vacation. But, hey, it'll mean you'll have bigger b___bs for the trip, if that makes you feel better. :-)


advice - February 11

You really should do it gradually like the others said. You are not going to be dry by then though. It can take months after b___stfeeding to be completely dry. Also, it is really great that your husband is capable of taking care of your little one while you go away. I wish more mothers trusted their husbands like that.


Beth - February 11

I don't have any advice, I just wanted to tell you to not let anyone make you feel bad for your decision. I see some of the comments here are a little condisending. It's great the you have a willing and capable husband, and there is nothing wrong with doing something for yourself.


Meredith - February 12

If it is a month away, you WILL still be leaking by then, but if you stop at least two weeks before, you wont be engorged anymore.


Good luck! - February 12

When I weaned my first I leaked for months! At a mammogram a year later I made a huge mess!


lynnstress - February 13

I don't feel guilty for wanting to stop b___stfeeding, and I sure as hell don't feel guilty for taking the only vacation I get all year long, thank you very much. I asked my doctors early in my pregancy and they all said that ANY breasfeeding is better than no b___stfeeding. Baby takes a bottle from anyone, and he will drink anything in that bottle - b___stmilk, formula or water. My hubby has been great since before our son was born. I call him Super Dad. Thanks for your helpful replies!


KrisD - February 13

Hey - A few days after I stopped I never leaked again! So that may not be a concern.... Everyone is different. I never pumped to relieve engorgement, either.


KrisD - February 13

BTW - I think it is great that you b___stfed...


Jamie - February 13

I'm sorry if it seemed I was judging you for going on a vacation, that was not my intention. Good luck, and I hope you enjoy yourself.


Erin - February 13

I agree with your ped. I started replacing one feed each week once my daughter was about 3 months. The next week I would replace the one 12 hours from the first, etc. It seemed to work great. I was engorged for the first few days, but it just kept getting better. I leaked very slightly a few times even after I had stopped, but nothing major. Have fun on your vacation!



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