How To Stop Night Feeding

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Canada - March 4

My daughter is 7 months old and is consistently waking up 1 or 2 times to feed at night. There was a few weeks where she slept through the night so I know she can do it. I've tried a few different things so far. I have gone to her and tried to console her without feeding her, but nothing works even after I'm up with her for an hour and a half and she won't calm down until I feed her. After being up that longI'm so tried that I give in. I have also tried letting her cry it out (not usually more than 1/2 an hour), but she's never actually gone without me having to feed her in the end (except a couple of times). The problem with letting her cry it out longer is that we have people living above and below us that can hear her quite well :( So if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated! Thanks!


HeavenisMine - March 4

I know this may sound odd, my daughter is near 4 months and already sleeping ten hour nights. She is just that way but of course she would wake up when she was younger, well we always keep some sort of white noise going in the room. It is never all that quiet, and she somehow sleeps better that way. I don't know if all babies are like that, and I do not know how you keep your room while she rests, but you could perhaps try running a fan or something? it is only a suggestion. I also tuck a very very soft plush blanket around the matress, and under it so that she falls asleep on something extremely soft, and I put this johnsons bed time lotion on her after her nightly diaper change. All these things seem to help because she goes to sleep at eight thirty and wakes at six thirty every morning, well mostly. Maybe try some of those things and see if they don't work, some babies are just hungrier than others, or need certain comforts to sleep. I am sorry you are experiencing this. When I took care of my niece for awhile she was like that. God it drove me nuts!!


yogi - March 5

i want to know the answer too so i am bumping this for us:)


Kristin72 - March 5

I hate to even mention this...anyway here goes. My lo just turned 15 months and still awakens for a feeding or two and has always done it. However, I fell sick with an ectopic and was given a strong medication where I could not nurse for a few days and this is what I did. I offered her water from a sippy and a cuddle if she awakened. I must mention I nurse her to sleep too. So it just took longer but she eventually fell asleep. I heard that eventually if only offered water they will not bother getting up as they do not get what they truly desire. I agree with the heavenismine as well..the white noise has worked miracles for my neighbours baby who now sleeps 10 hours a night as well. (you can buy them at walmart. I am a weeker person and have always enjoyed the nightfeedings in some sick way. By lo was colic until 6 months and I had a few losses with pregnancy so I allow her to cling to me more. REcently she has been getting better and only awakens 1 time. Good luck..


MelissaK - March 5

Someone told me to cut the formula in 1/2 for a few days, then offer only water at night and they'll stop waking. I have not tried it.


Canada - March 5

Thanks for the suggestions...maybe I will put our little fan in her room. I had kind of forgotten about that idea. Wow, HeavenisMine keep up the great work with your lo! I had kind of hoped my kid was going to be like that :) I'll let you know what happens...


blueeyesin619 - March 5

My dd was 4 months when she stopped her night feedings. Basically she would still wake up around 4ish to eat but I knew she wasn't actually hungry because she would only eat for a little bit and then fall back to sleep. It was a sooting method for her. As long as your dd is gaining weight fine according to 2 doctors I talked with she doesn't actually need those calories. I decided to quite her cold turkey. I would go in a pick her up like I was going to feed her and just rock her to sleep. I did this for only 4 days before she got the hint and stopped waking up at night all together. I also started "dream feeding" her at about 10:45 before I went to bed which seemed to help as well. Basically go in with a bottle while she is sleeping and pick her up keeping her asleep and feed her the bottle. Her reflex will allow her to drink without actually waking up. Then just place her back in her crib. My dd is 7 months now and has been going to bed at 7:30-8pm with her last bottle until she wakes up since she was 6 months old. Just stick with it for a few days and all the hard work will pay off. Your dd knows that if she cries at night you will give her a bottle (and attention) and you just need to break her of that habit. Hope this works. Good luck.


first-timer - March 5

I have got to say that IMO that it is harder to stop night feedings if you are nursing. They smell it! My DS is only 5 months old and he will go from around 9pm give or take until 3:30-4:00am for his next feed. I think that this is pretty good and works for us right now. He then feeds again around 6am and is not up for the day until 8am which he eats again around 8:30-9:00am. I personally am not going to make him stop that 3:30am feed until he is well on his way on solids. There was another post on here about this topic in which some babies just don't ever really sleep through the night when WE want them to. Just try not to stress too much about it because the kids can sense that too and it makes it harder. Good luck and reflect on what you feel is best for your baby and yourself. I still like that peaceful time at night even though I am half asleep.


amyh - March 6

With our first, we also serially diluted the formula until we were down to just water...2/3, 1/3, no formula. Within a week, she stopped waking for the feedings. My second is 5 months and we will start formula shortly. For our ease, we probably won't cut out night feedings until she is totally on formula. For me, it seems the easiest way.... Plus, their dr told me that after a point, it's important to cut out the night feedings in order to establish good daytime eating habits (she said that when my dd was around 10 months or so).


Canada - March 11

Well, things are looking up...our downstairs neighbour was gone this weekend so it was my chance to let her cry it out! And cry it out she did!! I felt like kind of a horrible mom, but I wasn't sure what else to do. She cried for over an hour the first two nights, but I didn't feed her and then last night she only cried for 15 minutes. We'll see what tonight brings...I hope this works!



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