How To Switch From Formula To Whole Milk

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alida - January 27

My dd is 11 months and I am trying to figure out the best way to switch to milk at 12 months. Any suggestions? Thanks!!


cors1wfe - January 27

I found it was easier for my little one if I mixed 50/50 for a while then eventually I added less formula and more milk and pretty soon - within a matter of days my little one didn't mind one bit...Good luck


DDT - January 27

Well, am in the process of doing it myself. My ds is 11.5 months old. My doc told me to add 1oz of homo milk to his formula over 3 day increments. We have just today moved onto 2oz homo/6oz formula. He doesn't seem to be having any problems, but I didn't think he would. Eventually he will be on 100% homo, and then we make the transition from bottles to sippy cups. Currently he drinks water & juice from his sippy cup. I am planning on just going cold turkey with that transtion....I've heard its the best and easiest. GL!


DDT - January 27

Sorry, let me make it clearer...for every 1oz of homo milk you add you take 1oz formula away. My ds usually drinks 8oz bottles.


lin7604 - January 27

i did 1oz less of formula and added whole milk every few days. he never had a problemwith the switch and was completely switched over by 1 year.


sphinx - January 28

I also transitioned 1oz at a time. Can't remember how fast I made the change though. Probably slower than most because I am lactose intolerant and one of the babies had to be on hypoallergenic formula so we switched slow so as to watch for any reactions to it. Everything turned out fine and they like whole milk now but I give them toddler formula about half of the time to supplement their diets.


cubbie - January 29

Good question as I'll being trying to do the switch in a couple of months. I never switched with my older dd who is 3 and still drinks formula as every time I tried adding whole milk she would get diarrea which is really wierd as she took dairy products no problem - even today she gets diarrea or vomits from drinking whole milk but anything else dairy is fine.



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