How To Take Away Pacifier

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nicci - February 4

Anyone have any ideas on how to wean away pacifer? My son is br___tfed...almost 5 months and I want him to be done with it by 6 months, but he loves to suck on it all the time? Any ideas? Thanks!


Kaylynnsmom - February 4

Let him suck on it until about a year & then just make it disappear... Latest AAP guidelines for reducing the risk of SIDS support the use of a pacifier...


karine - February 5

i agree with kaylynnsmom, let him use it till 1yr. Its probably a comfort for him to have it. my daughter was very attached to it as well, i let her have it till during the day till 1yr, and at night till 2. by 2 she didnt fuss to give it up.


be strong - February 5

you're the parent- take it away from him when you feel it's right. there will be a couple of days of crying but at his young age he won't remember it forever. i don't mean to sound harsh, but i repeat- you're the parent- if you throw it away he no longer has it and you can move on. keep him occupied as much as you can for the few days after you make it gone so that he won't be thinking about it and within a week it should be forgotten. don't mean to sound harsh, it's just my opinion that parents should make a decision and stick with it, not complain that their 2 year old won't "let them" take something away.


nicci - February 5

thanks to all


Erin - February 5

I plan on weaning my daughter off of her paci. Slowly stop letting her have it so much during the day, and leave bedtime for last. I understand the "take it away and they'll forget" approach, but I do think that sometimes it is easier to slowly get rid of things. That's how we got my brother unattached to his "blankie". Just my thoughts.


C - February 5

It's funny becasue my babysitter never gives my son a paci. I couldn't believe this. She said it just makes the older ones want theirs back and she asked me if I minded. I said no, I'm glad he can go practically 10 hours without it for you. I plan to take it away when he's a year and see what happens.


jess - February 5

my gf gave her son the pacifier til 18 months....then cut the end off and gave it to him.....he spit it out and never wanted it again....worked great.......


Meredith - February 5

When we took my daughter's away at 2, the babysitter still gave it to her at nap time, and she got to the point that she would just hold it in her hand while she went to sleep, never putting it in her mouth. We never had a problem with her when we took it away.


Meredith - February 5

Oh, on another note, she never really liked it until she was a year old anyway.



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