How To Train A Baby To Feed From Both Bottle And Breast

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dee23 - March 16

hi all, i just wanted to know if this is possible? i dont care how hard it is, i just wanted to know if it can be done and how? i will be br___t feeding, but i would like him to feed from a bottle aswell...i understand that i will need to biuld up my milk supply so forth, but id like to give him a bottle occationally, so dad can feed him and incase were out..i will be expressing into the bottle so i dont want to be expressing and giving a baby the bottle only to find that he wont take it and ive expressed all my milk so he has no food.....your experiences, info and opinions would be fantastic help, cheers!


erin - March 16

all i can say is...start early! my son took the b___st and bottle great at the start...and that means within the first week home...he never had nipple confusion b/c of this early start. if you wait too long, i.e. a few months, you could have a baby reject other nipples totally. good luck!


jg - March 16

Hi dee. When my bub was 7 days old, the local clinic sister came to my house to help me deal with engorged b___sts/feeding. I expressed and didn't want to waste that precious milk, so I gave it to my baby from the bottle and there were no probs at all. Once I got over the initial problems of learning to b___stfeed, he went from b___st to bottle to pacifier with no problems, and because I was always worrying that he wasn't getting enough milk from me, I would express his feeds a couple of times a day so that I could measure his intake, and it was such a relief to be able to have the bottle on hand for me or my husband to give to him.


psychology - March 16

Hi, I use the ELECTRIC b___stpump. My daughter is 5 weeks old... first time I had a feeding, my boyfriend gave it to her in middle of the night and she took it right away (and I got more than 3 hours of sleep, WOUHOU!!) I do it once every two or three gives me a much needed break.


Kaisa - March 16

There is alot of new bottles out there that are suppose to be more like the b___st. So you could try using one of those. I b___stfed and used bottle and had no problems ( I used just a regular bottle) The first couple of times you use the bottle have someone else feed him which might help him get used to it since he is used to to b___st feeding with you. ( if he is only a couple weeks old I don't think it would be a problem for you to give the bottle) Good Luck!!


Heidi - March 16

I used the Playtex Nurser bottles with the slow flow nipple. Any other nipple flowed too fast and she'd gag. Otherwise she has no problems. She takes bottled b___stmilk at daycare and then I nurse her at home.


dee23 - March 16

thx ladies. so it is possible! yay!!! ok so how do i go abouts doing it? how early can i introduce the bottle without it leading to nipple confusion? how often can i bottle feed without bubs never wanting to go back to the b___st? can the two happily co-exist for 5 months or so before i wean him onto bottle only?


dee23 - March 16

also how do i express milk in time for him to want worried that what if im expressing and he is screaming for food? what if i am feeding him a bottle and my b___sts are leaking heaps do i need to pump twice as much if i am co-existing the two?


Annette - March 17

I´d say pump in advance instead of when your baby is asking for food; you can store the milk, up to 48 hours in the fridge and 3 months in the freezer. My 5 weeks old son eats perfectly fine from both b___st and bottle, no nipple confusion whatsoever regardless of which one (I have Playtex nurser and Avent) and sometime I use the disposable nipples sold at pharmacies. My pediatrician says (even when I know it is not the case for all mommies) that when they are so small they just want milk and don´t care much where it comes from. Just start early. A nurse at the hospital suggested me to bottlefeed him only with NUK nipples because they seem to be the closest to the human b___st, I personally haven´t needed them so far. I would also suggest to wait and see how much milk you have before worrying what to do with it LOL.


C - March 17

I introduced the bottle right away because I was going back to work at 6 weeks. I only nursed and pumped the first 6 weeks so I could get a strong supply of milk. Once I went back to work he had 1 bottle of formula per day and the rest b___st milk. I did this until about 9 months and after that I stopped pumping and he now gets formula at daycare and nurses when I am with him. I plan to continue this until he is one year and then I will slowly wean him to what he feels comfortable with. This has worked well for us.



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