How To Wean From Dummy Paci

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dee23 - January 16

ds is 6 months and has a strong need to suck. ive managed to start only giving him one when hes asleep. now how do i wean him from using one while asleep? i am able tp pull it out but he will not go back to sleep without one if he wakes up, any advice?


Heather F - January 17

If your ds is so dependent on it when he is sleeping let it go for another month or two, my dd needed it until she was 9 months and then I realized she wasnt as dependent on them for sleep and I threw them all out (cold turkey) - she is fine with out them and now at almost ten months she doesnt ever cry for it. I would say give him more time with it and take them away in a few months.


shelly22 - January 17

I took my son's away at 8 months. I took it away cold turkey and it wasn't a problem at all. He had a cold so he didn't want it for a couple days so I took it then. He cried the 1st couple days at night but only a little. I was lucky to get it away that easy. I took his bottle away about 3 weeks ago and didn't have a problem at all, I'm lucky!


ashtynsmom - January 17

My dd will be 12 mos on the 23rd, and I DREAD taking it away. It is her best friend! She wakes up at night and cries if she can't find it. We put several in her crib, so she is bound to find one!! I know a lot of kids stop sucking when they are done with it, they just hold it in their mouths as a habit, but my dd is constantly sucking- sounds like Maggie off of the Simpsons!!


amber508 - January 17

My 2 year old is ATTACHED to it and I hate to hurt her by taking it away however I know she is too old for it and she is lacking in talking because of it. Not to mention, my dentist told me that it is not good for their teeth. I have a new baby now, 1 month old and of course she has a binki (paci) how can I take my 2 year olds away when she sees her sister with it? We try to only give it to her at night, but she stashes some someplace and always manages to find one, or crab and get one outta us.... not to mention at night, she will NOT go to sleep without it..... I am lost in this one. I had her off a bottle early, and I had her on straw sippy cups early too.... but this one is a stumper.



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