How To Wean Off The Dummy Paci

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dee23 - February 20

ds is over 7 months old now and is totally addicted to this this. i would like him to be completely weaned by 9 months. he always falls asleep with his dummy, i have tryed pulling it out when he is just dozing off but he wakes up straight away asking for it. any ideas on how i can do this? i have no idea, thx.


AmandaManns - February 20

I would like some ideas as well. My son is 14 months old and I would love for his to be gone. He only takes his "binky" when he is going to sleep but he will not fall asleep without it. Anyone have any ideas??


dee23 - February 20



jb - February 20

Someone one time suggested putting a hole in the paci, making it not as enjoyable to suck on. You could try that.


dee23 - February 21

good one jb


jas - February 21

I started my son when he was a year old. Plan on doing the same with my now 10 month old as he loves his paci more then anything too... What I did was once he hit a year (or pick a day) he would only get it for naps and night time. I let him adjust to that (a few weeks) and then took it away at nap time, but gave it to him at bed time (again, let him adjust to it for a few weeks) then he didn't need it for bed time either... The trick was to let him to get used to it ..


Shannah - February 21

my little one is 6 months and only takes it at naptime and bed. wondering if i should take it away. i would love to get rid of them


Dawn - February 21

My dd will be 7 months in two days time and she has had a dummy since she was a few weeks old as she cried so much. Until about a month or so ago she would have it all day long, but I have now started to wean her off it during the day, she now only gets her dummy when going for a nap and sleeping during the night. My main problem with the dummy is at night time, as lucy is a restless sleeper and always has been so from about a month old she has been swaddled at night time and still gets swaddled now. During the night she cries alot in her sleep so I have to get up and put the dummy back in her mouth. I have tried putting her to bed without being swaddled so that if she cries for her dummy she can put it back in her mouth but she tends to pull it out in her sleeps and then can't find it and then cries. Its driving me mad.



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