How Well Do We Really Know Each Other

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Rabbits07 - February 12

Okay, I've thought and thought trying to think of a fun thread and finally came up with this and thought it would be an interesting way to see how well we really know each other. It is sort of like a the mother below me thing only it's the mother above me. It will go like this...the next person to post after me will write TMAM...and something about me that they know WITHOUT going back and looking at any of my previous posts on the can be anything, such as how old the mother's lo is, what their occupation is, whether they bf, etc...anything. Then the next mom will continue by writing something they know about the mom above them and so on and so forth....let's see how well we really know each other! REMEMBER, NO GOING BACK AND LOOKING AT PREVIOUS POSTS ON THE FORUM! :-)


ry - February 12

Hi Rabbits! I know you are a wonderful mother to 7 beautiful children (one in heaven :( ) and that you work evenings and are home with your children during the day :)


KLC - February 12

Yes I got Ry!!!! LOL!! I know TMAM has a daughter the same age as my son and we live in the same county!!!


ry - February 12

Hey KLC! (sorry to interrupt thread!) Your pics are so gorgeous on you site! Unbelievable!


KLC - February 12

ah thanks Ry!!! Yours are great too. You always look like your having so much fun in all your pics!!


sahmof3 - February 12

TMAM is a mother of 4... I will try to remember their names....Cody, Caleb, Aaron, Carly? I hope those are right. I think that's how I remember them from your myspace address...


mosley12 - February 12

tmam has 3 adorble kids, 2 boys and a girl


BriannasMummy - February 12

TMAM has a beautiful 3 month old boy named cayden. She lives in NC. She also has I think 3 tattoos. I cant believe I remembered all that.. GO ME!! ~Kristin~


Rabbits07 - February 12

TMAM has a 3 months old dd (or close to 3 months?) and had a c-section.


CyndiG - February 12

TMAM oldest child is 17. I think that's right. I'm so impressed with that! I don't know why I just am...


Heather F - February 12

TMAM has been a mother much longer then I have and she has fantastic advice that much of which I have thought about or tried.


Renea - February 12

TMAM just had a scare with chicken pox, just before her daughter's first birthday---at least I think I have the right mother??


CyndiG - February 12

Ohhhh how sweet Heather! I appreciate that!


USMC_wife - February 12

TMAM loves to visit in my neck of the woods!


mosley12 - February 12

tmam has a dd who;s about 3 months old (i think?) and her husband is a marine just like mine


kellens mom - February 12

TMAM used to be the captain of her high school volleyball team. Volleyball and Mosley are awesome!


LisaB - February 12

TMAM has 2 pairs of Padraig slippers for her daughter and works as a wildlife conseravtionist (Is that the right t_tle? Ok and the slipper refrence was shameless on my part hehe)



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