Huggies Question

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tryingx3 - February 21

I was given a pack of newborn Huggies as a shower gift and liked how they fit my the end of the pack I kept finding HARD spots in them (about 5 different diapers) I bought Pampers from then on. She is now in a size 2 and Sam's Club only had Huggies in her size so I thought I would try them again (thinking it was some fluke in the manufacturing on the 1st ones)....they seem to have hard places in them too! Anyone else? Now I have 200 diapers that fit her good but might not "feel" good to her!


SonyaM - February 21

I haven't noticed on the diapers but I have noticed that on the pull-ups. It's weird. I only noticed a few out of a pack so maybe check them. I have considered calling Huggies but never did. If you do let me know what they say.


ssmith - February 21

Yeah, I noticed that too when I used Huggies. I didn't check at the time....but what happens when the hard spots get wet?


Nerdy Girl - February 21

I have used Huggies all the way along for two kids and have not noticed this. Hmmmm.......


Emily - February 21

Me too Nerdy Girl. I use huggies. I use the regular or some say baby shaped ones. I hate Huggies Supreme. I also liked Pampers baby dry. I never noticed anything wrong with any of them.


madison1118 - February 21

I have 3 month year old and have found that Huggies isn't the greatest at least for my daughter.. I would recommend Pampers Dry diapers.


Jenny2 - February 21

i love huggies......I tried pampers at some point and they didn't last more than 2 hours max before they leaked.


jwhite - February 21

I think pampers fit smaller and Huggies fit just right.


tryingx3 - February 21

As I said my dd is 5mo old now...I kept the newborn diapers and was going to mail them to my spare time! ha ha Now that I am seeing it with the size 2 I might go ahead and send them samples of both...but what are they going to do? give me coupons for more? Also, I no longer have my lot number or packaging for the newborn size. With the newborn diapers it was right in the middle of the crotch area - like where it would hit her when sitting in a car seat. With the size 2, I have found them around the waistband as well.



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