Husbands And Diaper Changes

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mandee25 - January 26

Do any of your dudes do diaper duty? My man is banned from poopy ones because he made such a mess. Poop on the socks and everything! He keeps forgetting to hold the feet while wiping. I think he just did it so he can get out of it. lol Bless him!


Rhiannon - January 26

My dh does diaper changes. I try to give him the poopy ones because it's funny to watch him. But funny story about men changing diapers. One day my dad was watching them while I went to the dr. I came home and he said, "I changed Elora, but I think I did it wrong." I didn't check because I thought, 'how can you change a diaper wrong'? Well, later I was holding her and all of a sudden she was soaked and so was I. I looked at her diaper and my dad had put it on backwards!!!! How can you put it on backwards???? Doesn't that seem like a whole lot more work. Did he flip her upside down or something?? LOL


kellens mom - January 26

NEVER...I repeat...NEVER ban a man from changing diapers. Trust me when I say that he will get better at it AND you will appreciate the help at some point! On mornings when I am getting ready for work and dh has time to play with dd, I often hear him changing a diaper and saying "you REALLY do love your poopy diaper! yeah!" Too cute!


bchflwr - January 26

Very possible!! Men are so funny! Dh and I were out on date night one night when he "confessed" that when Hunter cries in the middle of the night he sometimes pretends he is still sleeping!! I just laughed and told him to "confess" to someone else because I already knew that. I just watched a Raymond episode where they were talking about that . Mess it up once and the woman will just take care of it. Good thing dh doesn't like Raymond or he would have even more tricks up his sleeve! To answer your question dh does diaper duty, that is one thing I would never let him get out of. And it is funny to hear him go "Holy Cow What did you eat" over the intercom. Makes me laugh every time!


rl- - January 26

my dh changes diapers and has from the start...he thinks it's funny when he changes ds diaper to sometimes put in on backwards just for laughs yeah it was real funny til ds had a poopy on and I went to change him and found the diaper on backwards...dh got a big laugh but I wasn't at all!! MEN!!


srigles - January 26

My dh does diaper changes. However, after 3 months, he still hasn't mastered the art of "covering things up" when he changes the little guy! Every time he changes him, I listen to him on the monitor and kill myself laughing when dh and everything else in the nursery gets sprayed! I don't know what it'll take to make him learn.... lol


sahmof3 - January 26

My mom told me awhile back that my dad NEVER changed a diaper... through 4 kids!!!! DH's dad never did, either. We live by much different rules than our parents around here lol ;-)


EMBERBABY - January 26

I can't prove it but I have the suspicion that sometimes dh will not perform as well as he could with certain tasks so that he will be relieved of these tasks. But no such luck, I will watch him struggle even though as you say mandee25, socks and everything gets poopy. I know he either will get better OR he will give up on trying to get me to tell him "it's ok hon I got it." Also I have learned from seeing my SIL that it is NOT a good idea to ban a man from doing any of the baby tasks like kellensmom said, now my poor SIL does EVERHYTHING while her dh just sits there, it honestly seems like the man is wearing earplugs!


San - January 26

My hubby has changed diapers since day 1 also. I think it's the funniest thing ever. With our first he would be like "Oh, Zoe needs a diaper change" then once he got her sleeper or whatever off and his face would change and he'd say "Aghhh!! Code brown!!!!!" Poopy diapers are the best to watch him change. Especially the really watery stinky ones. HIs favorite expression is "I'm gonna yonk!!!!!" (and almost does) man, I almost p__s my pants every time : )


Shea - January 26

Dh is a sahd, so yes. But he feels he is "off duty" when I get home. How many sahm's are off duty when there husbands ger home, geesh.


^lucy^ - January 26

well actually dh has never done a diaper change for our baby girl and she's 8 months now!! he loves her and does everything to help me and was awake with her when she was born and would let me sleep to feel better.. he's so great but he refuses to change her diapers! that's a mistery for me to discover :p


Kara H. - January 26

I think you hubby is scamming you! :) I purposely don't do the best job I can on the rare occasions I mow the lawn. If I did a good job he would ask me to do it all the time. But if i make a mess of it, he insists on doing it. If I can be a scammer, I'm sure you hubby is capable of doing it too =P


krnj - January 26

My dh does them all the time. Since I was having morning sickness sometimes the poopy ones would make me gag so he gets all of them when he's home! lol


Erynn21 - January 26

My hubby changes diapers, in fact he changed Nora's first diaper because I'd had a c-sec, I think before our dd he'd actually changed more diapers than myself because he's from a huge family and baby sat our nephews when he was a teenager. I try to do the poopy ones now though because she started solids and he gags, I feel sorry for him, but he does it.


aggie03 - January 26

My dh is more of a Mom than except he shys away from cleaning the "girly parts" I gess this is kind of awkward for a man.


dee23 - January 26

ive heard so many ppl say that there other halfs dont change there los...i just dont understand the logic? every man i know now days has never thought twice about changing a nappy, my dh will do it on his own accord, it is basic maintenance of your child....if he refused to, which would be unheard of, then there would be lots of arguements. what is the big problem anyway? i just cant beleive how many dont change there babies!


eclipse - January 26

Heck yeah my husband does diaper duty, and I swear he is better than me. He usually remembers to cover up my son so he doesn't get shot, but he does get hit more than me! :P



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