Hydrocephalus Or Big Head

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krc - January 15

Okay, I am so totally freaking out that I have tears in my eyes. I took Ethan to the dr today because he was tugging at his ear. I thought if he has a possible ear infection I want to catch it. Well he was fine, everything good. Then the doc did a head circ_mference and said Ethan was ABOVE the 100th percentile. I think his head measured around 19 inches or so..can't remember honestly, but according to the charts, for it to be above 100% at 5 1/2 months old, it has to be around 19 inches. Then the doc ordered a cat scan and said he is worried about Ethan having hydrocephalus. I told him I would read up on it on the internet when I got home and he sarcastically said, " oh, you dont want to do that?" Then he left the room and I didn't see him again. That was it, I left. So I go home and spend an hour reading many different websites and start freaking out, on the edge of a mom-gone-nuts episode with tears in my eyes thinking, Oh god no, please dont tell me my son has something wrong with him!!! But aside from having a so-called " large head " , he has no symptoms of hydrocephalus. Could it be possible that my baby simply has a big head? His daddy had a big head! My mom said her dad had hydrocephalus as a senior citizen. Im totally freaking out hear. Anyone know anything about this?


aurorabunny - January 15

Hey KRC---Sorry I don't know anything about this condition (and am now too scared to look it up!) but my son at his 6 month appointment a week or so ago was only in the 2nd percentile for weight, the 3rd percentile for heigth, but the 80TH percentile for head size. Tiny little baby with a humungo head. But our ped never mentioned anything about that being a problem?? I know it is not the same as being over 100th percentile but seems to be almost the equvilant to me because Brody is so tiny. That's all I got---hopefully made you feel a little better??


lenae - January 15

Is it possible they measured off a bit. The nurse did that once at my son's appointment and when they remeasured it was 4 inches smaller than the previous measurement. Does he look proportionate to you? Maybe you'd like a second opinion, and my ped thinks the internet is a great way to find info, but warns me not to self diagnose my kids or get worked up over it. If he has no other signs, I'd seriously get a second opinion.


EMBERBABY - January 15

Never heard of this condition sorry, please don't panic ( I know easier said than done). The cat scan is probably for good measure only. When do you get the results?


sahmof3 - January 16

Normally I would say the cat scan is probably unnecessary and just to cover their a**es, but since there is a family history I'm thinking maybe you should do it just to rule it out. Maybe get a 2nd opinion first and then do it if another doc also thinks it would be a good thing.


Nerdy Girl - January 16

If this makes you feel any better, my son's head has always been above 100%tile and he is perfectly healthy. He was also born with virtually no soft spot and pretty much has a head like a big bowling ball. I actually cut slits in some of his shirt necks that won't pull over his head. I ask at every well baby visit if it's ok that his head measures so big, and my ped tells me that he is healthy and fine. I should also mention that my son is a very big boy all around - he has been consistently 95%tile for weight and off the charts for weight. Just now at his 12 month appointment his weight was finally back on the chart at 95%tile. But that big ol' head - still off the charts! :)


Lisastar9 - January 16

At 8 1/2 months when my son had his well baby visit he head measured at 95% ile too. His head is so big the dr told me it measures like a 1 year old,he even jokingly laughted. It didn't bother me is he measuring the same since birtha steady and gradual increase. Do you find you sopn's head to be bigger then other appointments. Is his head measuring bigger for the first time? I thik your dr is at a loss too for your son having a big head? I would also get another opinion?


Lisastar9 - January 16

Yikes sorry about all the typo's


rl- - January 16

well try not to worry I know that is hard not to panic but I am sure everything will be ok those freakin docs just love to scare the c___p outta ya I really think that when i was prego this last time I had GD which I had with my other two as well but this doctor kept saying everytime I would see her that I needed the non-stress tests so they could keep an eye on this cause of "sudden fetal death" I swear this woman got off on saying "Sudden fetal death" to me!! so get him the scan then you will feel so much better good luck I hope everything turns out well!! oh and my best friends son has a big head and he is totally fine and normal ( :


krc - January 16

this morning I measured his head and it was 18 inches. I looked agai at the head circ_mference growth chart and he is just barely above the 95th percentile. H has no symptoms of what internet sites claim children with this condition might have. And yes, his head looks proportionate to his body. He looks like a normal, happy baby. His dad said he had a big head and used to get teased when he was in school. So im hoping he's just got a big ole' head like his daddy, LOL ! I don't appreciate the doctor freaking me out though and leaving the office without any explanation whatsoever. He isn't even Ethans doctor, he's his partner !! All he did was waltz in, say, oh ! His head is too big and off the charts, growing to fast, im concerned he has hydrocephalus, lets schedule a cat scan to find out!!! Bye !!! Then when I said I'd look it up online he joking says, oh, you dont wanna do that...as he was shutting the door !!!! HELLO???? Is that how you treat a mom.....just totally freak them out, not even a flyer on this possible condition, or an explanation? NOTHING !!!! What kind of a doctor does that to someone!!! Yeah, I think I want a second opinion!


Rhiannon - January 16

Try not to worry too much. ( I know, easier said than done). The dr sounds like a real jack a__s. He was very unprofessional. I know drs like to keep people informed, but he should have explained himself. I believe hydrocephalus is a rare condition, and they most likely would have caught the beginning of it in utero if he was developing it. Good luck.


shelly - January 16

ditto what rhiannon said, my baby has a big head so does his dad as all the other boys in their family.i dont know much about the condition but i think its quite rare too,i would complain about this doctors bedside manner as well once you see your own doctor,i dont look anything medical up on the net anymore ,i scared myself silly when i was pregnant,at least uve measured his head ur self and like nerdy girl says her ds head is above the 100 percentile and her ds perfectly healthy,the doc sounds an idiot krc.


shelly - January 16

yes definatly ashtynsmom,ur so right in that last statement,i never see the same doc twice and sometimes they just seem to go through the motions,even that ds is not often at the docs whenever he is they are rushing u out ready for the next patient,at least thats what ive found in the uk.


Kelly K - January 16

First off I agree with everyone else.. your ped is a jerk. My daughter has a large head as well. She has been over the 100th percentile since birth. The condition he mentioned is water on the brain. There would be other signs besides a large head in normal cases. His development would be off. It is genetic when it comes to head size. We've been through the whole maze of doctors cause of my daughters head. From CT's to MRI's and they have yet to find a thing. Our neurosurgeon measured our heads at her first appointment and said it was genetic cause me and my hubby are WAY off the charts with our head. As long as he is developing normal and no issues then I seriously doubt it will be anything at all.


krc - January 16

thanks so much for the support. It really means alot to me. Im sure he is just fine and dandy...and I will complain when I call them tomarrow.


ash2 - January 16

well i just called my ped cause i was wondering the same thing and he said DS head was about 17.5 inches and he was in the 75 th percentile. Is that okay ?


Kara H. - January 16

I have a funny large head story. My hubby is a carrier of a genetic condition that one of the signs of it is a large head. While we were at the peds office getting Max's measuments, I questioned her about his percentages. He was in the 15% for weight, 50% for length, and 80% for head size. I said I was worried about his head size. She said she wasn't worried bacause she had a feeling his head size was heritary. I said well his dad does have a large head. She said, "I wasn't referring to Dad" with a smirk as she walked out of the room. I looked at hubby to asked if she just said I had a big head, but he was already doubled over laughing! Thanks, Doc!



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