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jendean00 - September 30

Has anyone used them? Are they worth the money? My DDis 4 months and has been teething since she was 2 1/2 months but for the last weeks its worst and it is making her fussy and she cries, which she never does.


lin7604 - September 30

i used them at bedtime with my ds and it made no difference! he was still up quite a few times a night crying. I tried one night and gave him nothing and he was the same and was up the same amount. so imo it's a waste of money , but then there are people that swear by them.


wailing - September 30

I've had ppl that said they were awesome but I think there is an age limit to them (6months?) and I also read that they have certain herbal additives and even caffeine? Ask ur pedi first. BTW...what were the signs that ur lo was teething? Ds has suddenly become really fussy and reverted bacl to waking at nite alot:-( He drools sooo much, but didn't think it could be teething until now. He has no other signs of being sick


wailing - September 30

**meant to say...."I've heard ppl say"


jendean00 - September 30

Yeah, I did not by them because it did not have a recommended age on them and I do not like to give her stuff anyway. She has been drooling since 2 1/2 months and eating her fists etc. This last week she has not eaten as much, ran a low grade fever, and is very fussy. She is not happy in any position, which is not like her. When I look at her gums I can see the white where they are going to come in....please let it be soon. I want my happy baby back.


jendean00 - September 30

Ha ha I meant *Buy*


SaraH - October 1

I love them. I also know that my sil, my cousin, and my bestfriend have all used them and love them. The recomendations of my cousin and my bff are why my sil got them (before I had had my lo) and then my sil also recomended them to me which is why I got some...they work well most of the time although if her teeth are really bothering her we mix them w/ tylonol by giving her the tablets 1/2 through the dose of tylonol.


SaraH - October 1

By the way they do have a small amount of caffine and since they are a homeopathic they are mainly herbal...which in reality means they are probably better then a bunch of lab created drugs. The caffine amount isn't huge and a small amount isn't going to hurt them...it's not like giving them coffee or pop. I'd preffer to use the natural homeopathic then lab made drugs.


jendean00 - October 4

Well my DD got her shots today so I asked her Doc about these tablets and he did not approve of them. He said one of the things in them is a hallucinogenic and an cause some babies to hallucinate...so glad I did not give them to her.


RLWilcox - October 14

I just bought some of these and now I'm not sure what to do, my LO is obviously in pain but hes only 4.5 months...should I wait?


jendean00 - October 14

My DD is 4 1/2 months as well. She has bouts of pain and I give her oragel or Infant Tylenol and it has worked out so far.


mlm056 - October 14

my ds is 4 mths -- I give him oragel -- work wonders, the crying and fist biting stop instanteously.... be careful though -- only give a pinsize b/c if baby should swallow -- it numbs their throats and could be a breathing issue. GL.


guccigal87 - October 14

i SWEAR by these pills i abssolutely love them and will recomend to anyone who asks they made austins teething more pleasant...my best friend swaers by them too austin has taken them since he was 3 months he teethedREALLY early... and i just poped the pill in his mouth adn he would suck on it...


Jmom - October 27

I have some friends that swear by them, so I have been using them with my DS since he was a baby. He is now 19 months old and LOVES them! I have heard that they either work or don't work for kids, no happy medium



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