Hylands Teething Tablets Anyone

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lrodriguez83 - June 9

I have a question for everyone about Hyland's teething tablets. I was recommended to start using these tablets for my 3 month old who is starting to teeth. We gave them to him and he was fine the first time we dissolved 2 tablets under his tongue. The next time we gave it to him, he only ate 3 oz of formula when he always takes 5.5 to 6 oz and then he vomited everywhere all of his milk and was very fussy like his stomach was upset. Has anyone ever had this problem before or what is everyone's feedback on the Hylands teething tabs?


Nerdy Girl - June 9

I have used them and not had any problems.


JEN - June 9

I have used them with my ds and never had a problem...maybe he has a little virus or something? I would think that if he was OK the first time you gave them to him that it probably isn't the tablets- maybe ask your ped. BTW, I like the Humphrey's tablets so much better. Good luck!


HANNAHs Mom - June 9

I am currently using the Humphrey's as well and LOVE THEM! My 9-month dd is teething terribly...her top 2 teeth are coming in and her gums are so swollen. I have noticed that she is nursing less, most likely bc it is a little painful on her gums, which could be the reason your ds in taking less formula. Hope your little guy feels better soon.


lrodriguez83 - June 9

Thank you all so much for your posts. I am just going to not give him the tablets for about a week to see if maybe he is having tummy problems and then talk to the doctor and see what he says. But thank you all so much.


Nerdy Girl - June 9

Where do you get the Humphreys tablets? I have never seen them.


Selena - June 9

What type of formula is your son on? I only ask becaus ethe hylands teething tablets are lactose based so if yuor sone has a milk protein allergy that could be it. My DD is lactose intolerant so she can't ahve them at all!


JEN - June 10

I get them at Walgreens in the baby section...not sure where you live- I'm in Texas.


HANNAHs Mom - June 10

I had a tough time finding them...I ordered mine directly through the pharmicist. You can also order them on-line....just google Humphreys #3



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