I Almost Puked My Turn

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aurorabunny - February 16

As if baby poop wasn't enough...tonight I am on the phone walking through my house, picking up toys while I'm talking when I realize MAN...Something stinks!! Shortly after I realize that my foster dog Josie came inside with poop still on her butt. Which was now on my shoes. And my carpet. And my kitchen floor. And I got to spend about an hour cleaning up and sanitizing all that stuff, but only after I got to take soap and kitchen towels and give her butthole a nice, good scrubbing. Smelled wonderful, lemme tell ya. To top that ALL off, I have horrible terrible cramps and would give my right arm just to be snuggled under a blanket on the couch right now!! Agghh...oh, I left out the part where me running the vacuum woke up ds. Someone please join me in feeling sorry for myself tonight, LOL.


Keli - February 16

AWE MAN! that sux! What kind of dogs do you foster? I've rescued 2 boxers. I used to foster before the baby came along. My female dog wants to eat all other dogs, so we had to keep the foster seperated from our dogs... well baby took the "dogs" room. So we can no longer foster...


eliz24 - February 16

That's terrible! I feel for you.I'm a little ocd when it comes to my floors,so I would be mopping and vacuuming for hours ,lol. Well I hope you got it all taken care of an can relax for while!


lexa - February 16

Eeew, gross! I hate the smell of dog poop when they streak it somewhere! I feel for you!!! On a good note, I think it's really great that you foster them:-) And cramps too, Im really sorry for you now. I hope it all goes a little better for you!


aurorabunny - February 16

Well thanks guys, I'm slowly getting over it. LOL. I just told my husband that cleaning up poop for an hour and cleaning out a dogs b___thole sufficiently qualifies me to be a princess and do nothing but sit on my b___t for the rest of the night, hahaha. And I foster pit bulls Keli, the big goofy lugs. =) My neighbor has boxers, they are so pretty! And thank you Lexa, I think you might have read my other thread about fostering pit bulls...it is really nice to have someone tell me I am doing a good thing without b___hing at me, LOL. Well, with that, I am pooped. No pun intended.


piratesmermaid - February 16

Oooo, that reminds me of the GROSSEST dog poop story!!!!! ;) I was fourteen and my mom and step dad were out, it was just me and the dog. Well, it started storming really bad, so I freaked out and brought our dog inside and put him in the laundry room. Well, I was watching TV and I start to smell something. First I thought my mom's cat had gone to the bathroom on the rug in the bathroom, but it was clean. I then followed the smell to the laundry room. And the most DISGUSTING thing was inside. Apparently my dog EXPLODED!!!! He had diarreah really bad and couldn't hold it in. He stared at me with the most pathetic/apologetic look in his eyes, I couldn't be mad, but I did almost puke when I saw diarreah LITERALLY sprayed all over the floor, the wall, the back of the door, the washer, the dryer, and the pile of clothes, and of course, all over the dog. I was still cleaning it up when everyone got home a couple hours later. I'll NEVER forget that.


aurorabunny - February 17

LOL oooh Piratesmermaid, sorry. =( I bet I can one up you on the stories though....my husband's dog in highschool had explosive poo ALL OVER his 150 completed Graduation present thank you notes, ROFLMAO!!!


piratesmermaid - February 17

Oooo, that is bad!! What kind of dog did your hubby have in high school? Mine that exploded was 1/2 lab and 1/2 Norwegian Elkhound. Just wondering if there's a particularily "explosive" breed. ;)


Lisastar9 - February 17

piratesmermaid Yuck and OH NO yup what a story. aurorabunny hope you have a better day tomorrow. I am glad I have no animals


aurorabunny - February 17

lol Thanks Lisastar. And Pirates---it was his old dog Buckwheat, he was a Beagle mix that hated and tried to bite everyone, LOL. He was so mean he probably did it on purpose!


piratesmermaid - February 17

Yeah, I'm not too fond of beagles. Hubby's tried to bite me several times. We have a hate-hate relationship.


vanja10 - February 17

ok, this story doesn't involve poop, but i think it's as equally disgusting.. my friend asked me to pet sit her crazy cat.. this cat loved to hunt which i didn't know.. well, one day i left the window open a little bit so that she could go in and out as I wasn't coming back till the evening... well, let me tell you.. i came back that evening and sophie cat was just looking at me strange.. she wouldn't come close to me where as normally she would cuddle.. anyways, i went back to the bedroom to close the window and OMG.. she had killed a big crow.. I guess this thing was still alive when she brought it in the house and walls, bed, carpet, windows were all covered in blood. it looked like a murder scene... and there it was, in the corner, the poor bird... so i took the bird out, i was too petrified to even think about cleaning that mess, so I left it like that.. needless to say, i lost that friend.. *lol* no way was i gonna clean all that blood and feathers.. ew. next day i did go back into the house and sophie cat found that same bird, brought her back into the house and hid it in a different spot.. sneaky little cat... she was so sweet and cute, but evil.. haha


piratesmermaid - February 17

Eww!! I'd rather clean up dog poop than bird blood! Nasty.


lexa - February 17

Im with piratesmermaid on this one. Id rather clean up poo too! My dog used to catch little birds and drop them at my moms feet (like cats do). My mom would freak out! It was cute (not for the bird though). We had a shephard/collie mix and he used to get the squirts all the time. It literally looked like his bum was a squirt gun and would shoot brown water like 3 feet straight out. Couldnt stand behind him whatsoever!!! Poor dog!


k.p.j.e. - February 17

Piratesmermaid I just laughed so hard at your description of that scene! I know it wasn't funny at the time but it is hilarious to me now! Thanks for that laugh sometimes you guys come up with the funniest stuff I've heard in a long time


AlissaF - February 17

Why is this story almost exactly the same thing that happened at my house tonight? I came home after being gone two days (my roommates were home watching my dog) and picked up my dog and he smelled SOOOO bad. I immediately tried him up outside and when I checked his b___t, it was COVERED in poop. It also was all over my house and yuck. I had to pull it off with paper towels and then I threw him under the bathtub faucet and let the force of the water wash it off. I'm still gagging!


aurorabunny - February 17

Oh man, sorry Alissa. I feel you. At least my ds isn't crawling yet, if he was I'm sure I would have gotten down on all the carpets and floors with a toothbrush making sure I had every amoeba of a germ out of there. And that dead crow story sounds like a NIGHTMARE, lol.



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