I Am A Worried Please Comment

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Emmie - March 5

Hi. I am a little worried that I may have had a miscarraige. I was having pregnancy feelings before my period started but didnt think much about. I started my period a week late. I only bled for about 3 days-only 1 heavy day and since then I have been cramping really bad every time I nurse my 10 month old and any time I move around too much. I thought maybe I was pregnant but I took a test and it was negative. Any thoughts? Should I call the doctor? THanks in advance.


ash2 - March 5

I dont think you miscarried hon . I think your period was just a little late because of stress or whatever, and you bled for just a shorter time. It happens to me too. Ever since i had my son my periods have been worse and they come and last different times. If you want to make for sure, you can call your doc.


Emmie - March 5

ash 2 did you b___stfeed. If so did you ever have bad crampings. My period has been over for a week and I am still cramping when I b___stfeed.


LollyM - March 6

I had a similar situation before our only baby was conceived. My period was 2 weeks late, I took a test and it was neg. then, one day I started feeling week and I almost fainted. My whole body hurt and I just wanted to die! I had very heavy bleeding and cramping with a large clot the size of a small piece of fruit! I bled for a few days, although I can't remember weather or not I had more cramping. This was never a diagnosed MC, but I am pretty sure that's what it was, unless it was caused by the bc I was using. Are you on any bc? if so, I would recomend stopping it incase it is causing it. I would deff call your doctor. I don't know why I never went... hmm. The miracle is, dd was conceived the following month! I b___stfeed also, and she is 7 months now. My period is almost 3 weeks late, and no signs! so I feel ya on the crazy cycle thing! I do not get cramping while bf now though... bf does cause your uterus to contract so if it is an mc, that would make sense. so yes, call your doc. I hope the best for you! keep us posted =)



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