I Am Addicted To My Baby

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meg - February 6

This is a bit off topic, but this morning (as I am celebrating another day off of school due to the cold) I am playing w/ my ds, who is 5 months old, & I realized not only am I head over heals in love with this baby, but I think that I am addicted to him! I want to be with him all of the time!! He is just so much fun & I appreciate every second I get to spend with him. Yes, he wakes up at least twice a night still, & yes, he poops up his back all of the time, & yes, he has even spit up in my mouth...but it's all so wonderful! I just feel so lucky & so blessed...just wanted to share!! :)


ssmith - February 6

I know EXACTLY how you feel! My daughter is 9 months, and I love her more everyday.....which seems almost impossible because I feel like I couldn't possibly love her any more than I already do! I prefer her company to pretty much anyone else's right now.....LOL


missy - February 6

I feel the same way! I have two kids- a 4 year old son and my dd who is 9 months and I just cant imagine my life with out them! You never know what true love is until you have a child--I dont even remember what I did before they were born--I must have been very bored-lol!!!


eliz24 - February 6

Yep! I know exactly what you mean,my daughter is 9 months and I pretty much just want to spend all my time with her. It's really exciting to see her learn new things everyday,it's like I'm seeing things through her eys and it's very refreshing : )


bchflwr - February 6

I totally agree. Sometimes dh says he is going to take ds to his parents to "give me some alone time" and I am like no!! Since I work I want to be with ds whenever I can. If I want to make plans for alone time, I do it after ds goes to bed so I don't miss a second of him playing, laughing and being just so darn cute!! I love watching him discover new things. He amazes me everyday. I am completely in love with this little guy!!


sophandbob - February 6

Me too. My little man is my complete world.


AshleyB - February 6

That is so funny! I feel the same way about my ds who's 8wks. He spit up in your mouth? LOL!!!


srigles - February 6

I know the feeling. My little guy is 3 months old and everyone is constantly wanting to give me some time to myself and I don't want it! I love him more than life. It's such an overpowering feeling, and I absolutely love spending every second of every hour of every day with him.


Renee924 - February 6

I'm looking forward to this feeling. Our baby is only a month old and I'm just getting over the baby blues and the feeling of inadequacy as a first time parent. I look at her now and instead of wondering fearfully if she'll wake up as soon as I start to nap, or why she won't quit fussing, I see her for the cute little rolly baby that she is. The little grunts she makes are adorable, her feet and toes are adorable, she's pretty much all around adorable. This is a recent development, I knew she was cute before but I was so tired and on edge all the time! Everyone we know with kids say the first few weeks are rough but when they start smiling at you, and cooing and laughing, then you understand why people have more than one.


EricaG - February 6

I feel the same way too. Abby is 6.5 months and whenever I'm talking to someone I'm like "Isn't she cute?" "isn't she just the sweetest thing?" people probably get sick of me! lol I'm a sahm so I'm with her constantly and I would not have it any other day, I never get sick of her. Oh and she's spit up in my mouth too, and on my head, lol but she's so so so wonderful, I am obsessed with her.


Hana - February 6

Oh i was just thinking this today. Ds and i snuggle facing each other in bed and he babbles and i babble back and he reached out and caressed by face while babbling, it was so sweet and i just thought this is the same feeling when i first fall in love...poor dh feels he's last on the list. Anyone have any ideas what to do with dh's so not to feel this way? (sorry to steal your thread Meg:)


mandee25 - February 6

Aww I feel that way with my baby boy too! It seems like everyday my love grows more and more. When his face lights up with a smile when he sees me it makes life worth living! :-)


lexa - February 6

I feel the same way! I love both of mine to peices more and more everyday! They say you wonder if you could love the second as much if you do the first (I did while I was pg) and you love them both more than words could say! He spit up in your mouth? Oh yuck! Did you hold him over your head and talk or laugh at him? Big no no....LOL!


mommy716 - February 6

its a normal feeling my love, my son is 18 months old now and hes the best thing that has ever happen to me, my heart aches at nite because I can't snuggle into him! its awesome that you feel this way, it just goes to show your a good mom! I know ppl who spend more time with they're friends hanging out and drink and may see there child maybe once a week... if that!


meg - February 6

lexa-yes, I made the mistake of holding him over my head not too long after he had eaten! It definitely wasn't his entire meal, but I sure got a good taste! :)


Angiconda - February 6

I hear you thtere it was go hard for me to leave ds last week at daycare for the first time he will be 6 months this friday I have seperation issues LOL



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