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Erynn21 - March 9

Not literally, lol...but my dd is driving me nuts. She's 6 months in 2 days and she has become a little naughty baby. First she is biting while nursing I have been bit about 40x's this week, also she will not nap or if she is asleep and I lay her down she wakes up within 5, maybe 10 minutes. I basically cannot get anything accomplished, she wants to be held 24/7, and I am going nuts. My dh is not being very helpful, I was pleading to give me an hour to go to the store alone, but now he's outside building shelves(which does need to be done), but mama needs some alone time before she goes insane, at least I feel better getting this out.


Mellissa - March 9

ah.. i know just how you feel. that's seriously one of the reasons i went back to work. being at work is my "alone" time. lol. with two kids i never have any time to myself. do you have a baby sling? i've heard those are great for carrying your baby and getting stuff done at the same time. does she have an excersaucer or walker she likes to play in? Maybe if your hubby is out there building shelves for a while you can ask him to take a break so you can get to the store. Surely he'd understand!! I hope you get something accomplished today! :)


luviduvi - March 9

Wanna switch hubby's? My dh will hold your child and your dh can build me shelves! Haahaa! Dh wouldn't build shelves if he was Jesus.....he's lazzy! Not sure how we ended up together. I hate when babies go through these phases, where everything is smooth and then the thunder rolls. It will pa__s....is she teething?


Erynn21 - March 9

I am better right after typing my vent he came in and said the sander over-heated and that I should leave and go to the store. I do have a sling it does work wonders, and yes she is teething. I left for 2 hours, rocked out in the car, got a latte and feel like a new woman, plus I got the mail and there was our baby backpack we just ordered, it is awesome. I am feeling 100% better, now my dh is out building the shelves, I took my dd for a walk with the dogs(in the new backpack). All in all the day turned out better. It is amazing what a couple hours can do. : )



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