I Am Going To Tease Them About This For Years

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flower.momma - March 15

Tonight I had my sisters and nephews over for dinner. I was changing Flynn's diaper on the living room carpet and my dd was helping me massage his legs with some lotion. She has been really into "this little piggy" lately. Anyway, all of the sudden she grabbed his p__s in her thumb and forefinger and said "wee-wee-wee, all-way home." I started laughing so hard, and she just looked at me like "what mama?" Oh man, my sisters and I were rolling on the floor and making "this little piggy" wink-wink jokes the entire night. When they're teenagers, they will never hear the end of this.


LollyM - March 15

lol!!! that really cracked me up!! how cute. my step sister's son is was 3 when I was pg and he once asked me "why is your belly so big?" I said "Because there is a baby in there" and he said, "When I am big, I'm going to have a baby in my belly too!" It was pretty funny lol. Anyway, thanks for the huge laugh!


Ca__sie06 - March 15

haha. The things kids say and do!! I guess it is just a parent thing. Ours did it to us, now its our turn to pa__s on the teasing! :)


CyndiG - March 15

ROFL! I can only imagine little Flynn's expression! LOL!


bradylove - March 15

Hilarious! They are so funny, aren't they? ds was rubbing his dad's face at bedtime the other day and he says "just like mommy's legs, daddy!" I wanted to die!!! The day before I was sitting on the couch with my legs up and he came up and stuck his hand up the bottom of my pant leg and said "oooohh, scratchy!"....who has time to shave??? lol, let's just say I got the hint!


KLC - March 15

That is so funny - where is the camcorder when you need it?!


Renea - March 15

When my 8 year old was about 3, she asked why her brother had a tail? My 11 month old has a problem of being a little chunko in the groin area, so his p___s is always hiding =) My 3 year old loves to come up to me when I am changing him and say "Mom, you got to pop it back up". Where do they get some of these things?!


Kristin11 - March 15

lol gotta love kids ladies. My dd has been very vocal about my pregnancy lately she is 3 (i am 35 1/2 weeks prego). She told her teachers that i was having three babies and proceeded to point to each b___st and then belly and count one two three. lol i guess i am not the only one that noticed they got larger lol. She likes to tell me when she is gettign in trouble too that she doesnt feel good because of the baby in her belly lol. sheesh i must use that excuse alot lol.



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