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ssmith - February 26

My dd is at that stage now where she wants to feed herself, which is great. I know that it will be messy, and I am okay with the messy highchair, messy face, messy hands etc. What I am getting REALLY fed up with, is having the get her a new outfit after every meal. She always wears a bib, which protects her chest....but I am finding food stains on her collar, and ALL OVER HER LAP. Does anyone have any tips, suggestions for a way to keep her clothes clean while she is eating? Is there a bib that will catch the food that drops in her lap? I may have to resort to stripping her before she eats....but would like to avoid that if possible. Thanks.


AshleyB - February 26

They do have bibs that have a pocket at the bottom to catch stuff as it falls. You can find them on walmart's website. I've not seen them in the store though. At least not in my area, they may be in yours. ANd i'm sure babies r us has them. other than that, I would say to just unbottom the top of her outfit and try to tuck it under the bib, or just to just put a onsie or a t-shirt on her during mealtimes. Good luck!


Brittany - February 26

I would just feed her naked with a diaper or onsie on. Then right after her meal, put her in the tub. I've seen plastic bibs where the bottom curves so it catches food that would fall in a babies lap but I don't own one, try all the baby departments. I hope you find something and good luck...take lots of pictures so you can show her how much you used to clean up haha!!


DeeJay - February 26

I just started having this problem, so I bought a few too large t shirts for her and I put them over her outfit (its too cold to strip her down) Then I just take off the t shirt when she is done.


julieB - February 27

my ds is almost 1 year old and he has a bad habit of picking up the food and putting down in his chair.. He also love banging his tray and watching food fly.. It drives me crazy.. I feed him mostly because I dont want to deal with the mess but I see he will not eat good if I feed him like if he is doing it himself.. I have learned just to let him do it... I am ready with a mit..


LisaB - February 27

I have been trying to remember the name of these bibs since you posted this and I just did check out the Bumkin bibs they have a super xl bib that covers pretty much head to toe they are wonderful!


vonzo - February 27

how about getting an old shirt and cutting the sleeves and just pop that over her at meal times, or a poncho type thing? We had smocks for painting in so we weouldnt ruin our clothes with paint, you could take the idea of that but use if for meal times? Like everyone else says you can get plastic bibs with a "food catcher" bit. I got 2 for £1 fomr my supermarket so have a wee look around.


ssmith - February 27

I have been looking for those stiff plastic bibs with the built in "tray" , but can't seem to find them anywhere.....


Smilefull - February 27

ssmith have you tried giving them finger foods that isn't so messy? Maybe only have one meal a day that's messy?---there's lots of options--cheerios, peas, apples, bread, dried fruit..tends to be dried things.


LisaB - February 27

babies rus carries them they are by Baby Bjorn like the sling- You really gotta check out the bumkin ones too cool. Much bigger than the "tray" bibs



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