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Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 27

OK, Two weeks ago Amaya had her 4 month checkup and got her shots. A week later she still had fever and was tugging at her ears. We took her in and she had an ear infection and was prescribed some meds (amoxicillin) It has now been 7 days since she started taking the meds and has had diarrhea for 2 days now. We took her in this morning and foudn out that when you ahve diarrhea you are lactose intollerant (that goes for everyone not just babies) The doctor told us to change her formula until the diarrhea goes away because her stools will not get any harder as long as she is on the meds and taking Enfamil Lipil w/ Iron. She is now on Enfamil Lacto Free. She also told us to stop baby food for the rest of the week but to give her plain yogurt. This is what I am confused about, if she cant have Formula with Lactose in it why can she have yogurt where the main ingrediant is milk!?!?! This didn't even cross my mind until I left the doctors office and went to the grocery store where I was looking at yogurt and realized it was with cheese and milk! I just don't understand or really have the time to look it up because I am changing diapers every 30 mins because they are so runny it is ALL OVER EVERYTHING!!! It really isn't bothering Amaya that much and she is still in a very good mood, aside from slight diaper rash from the acidity of the diarrhea. Anyway if any of you know why she can have yogurt but not her normal formula could you please let me know. She is taking her new formula very well so I am not worried about this just wondering!!! Thanks everyone!


momma - September 27

i dont believe that?!?!?! the diarrhea is probly just a side effect of the amoxxicillin i cant be sure cuz my daughter has never been sick she is almost 6 mo (knock on wood) but when she had diarrhea i was told not to supplement, i was nursing at the time, but my husband did anyway shortly after he did it went away we were using the same formula


BBK ® © - September 27

Stephanie it goes like this. First lactose is a sugar,in the same family as sucrose and fructose. Yogurt is made by milk, but during the process the bacteria that is turns the milk in to yogurt actually consume the lactose for energy. Yogurt is naturally very low on lactose for that reason. In addition due to its chemical and physical composition, it's also much easier to digest than milk. In fact milk has to become "like yogurt" in our stomachs in order to digest it.....BTW the bacteria that turn milk in to yogurt are friendly to our bodies and beneficial.


L - September 27

BBK would you like to write a book on babies!! I think you would become very rich!! ;)


BBK ® © - September 27

L, thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately I watched too much TV when I was little and it killed my creativity :-)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 27

Thanks BBK!!! I had no idea but actually today since she has had her second bottle of the lacto free formula she hasnt had any more messy diapers. She doesnt really like the plain yogurt (and I dont blame her!) so do you think there is anything I can add to the yogurt to make her like it or maybe even give her flavored yogurt? I havent yet because I am afraid that she will not like vegies when we go back to that but what do you guys think?


NG - September 27

4mths is very early to be feeding your baby solids , babies are best to have milk for the first 5-6 mths, I am surprised your doctor has oked it. Perhaps he or she thinks that the good bacteria in the yogurt will help settle your babies tummy. My doctor told me to avoid all dairy products in the first year because many babies can not digest them or are alergic. I agree with you about the yogurt , I would get a second opinion at once. My son was put onto soy milk formula at 4 mths because he had developed a milk alergy from dairy products that I ate going into my b___st milk, I ate lots of cheese and yogurt. Hope all goes well


nelly - September 27

I have always been told that antibiotics can cause diarrhea. TMI but it does me when I take it and also my baby had to take this and the doctors told me it would cause diarrhea.


BBK ® © - September 27

Stephanie you probably don't want to give her any flavored yoghurt. The sugar may cause her big tummy problems and who knows what else.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 27

NG~ I completely trust my daughters docs opinions and advice. There are many babies out there that are starting baby food and rice at 4 months. She is doing great with that and this is not the problem. I am not worried at all about her developing an allergy but if she does then I know that the doctor will tell us the best thing for our baby.


desiree - September 27

NG The same happened to my boy, now 6 months. At 3 months, I was still b___stfeeding until one day he basically stopped eating. He would cry and fuss at the bottle until the both of us were frantic!! the doc suggested soy and he has been well ever since. Is your baby still on soy? I, too ate a ton of dairy thinking all the while it was good for the milk, but it wasn't!! If your baby is still on soy, do you plan to switch? I would love to know how it is going with you and baby!!



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