I Am So Disappointed

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HannahBaby - February 5

I am so disappointed in the women on this website. For all of those who are trying to get other IMMATURE people to STOP going on and on about my assuming post, i thank you. And for all of those who insist on posting on that thread and posting NEW threads to keep the drama going, Grow up. You are mothers, you are supposed to be role models and you are acting like children. I am ashamed to say that I'm a woman when it comes to people like you. So here is my last plea, PLEASE ladies, grow up. You all have said WAY more than you need to say. I have apologised numerous time, And am wishing i didn't because it didn't do any good. I am so disappointed in you women right now (and you KNOW you who are)


Rhiannon - February 5

I completely agree with you. Come on ladies, let this issue die. There are so many other wonderful things to fight about.


bbelmore - February 5

Aside from all of this, Erin, how are things going with Jacob and Hannah? Does she like having a little brother?


HannahBaby - February 5

Yes Bbelmore, everything is going great in my neck of the woods. Jacob is almost 4 months and Hannah just turned 2. She is so good with him, kisses him all the time but is not ready to share toys with him, and he is ready to get playing. SHe also has a bad habit of poking him in the eye!! But otherwize we are great, how about you??


vonzo - February 5

I haven't been involved in any of the "drama" i like to keep my nose out of these kinds of things but i'd just like to say i have never heard of or known anyone to call their son Jacob before but i LOVE it, it's a such cute name for a baby but a name a wee boy can grow into too! Anyhoo excuse my mad non-related rantings! xx


apr - February 5

vonzo-u crack me up sometimes


HannahBaby - February 5

aw thank you vonzo!


mandee25 - February 5

Yeah let's all just forget about that thread. I tried getting rid of it but I guess it didn't work. Vonzo, my hubby wanted to name our son Jacob and I really like that name but it is so common around here and I wanted my son to have a different name that wasn't so popular.


soon2bemomof3 - February 5

hannahbaby: I would like to apologize for my ripping on you for your thread. I was OUT OF LINE and can fully understand why you were irritated. I sometimes get irritated when people ASSUME things about me because of how i look or dress or talk or whatever, so i am truly sorry. Like I said in one of my posts I am NOT usually like that. So again I'm sorry for bashing you.



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