I Am So Proud

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SonyaM - May 29

Okay, I have been wanting to do this for a long time and today I finally did it. I made Mason some homemade baby food. It was pretty easy and fast. I made zuchini, squash and green beans. i am going to make chicken and rice too but I ran out of ice cube trays. Now, let's just hope Mason likes it!!!!


Bonnie - May 29

How did ya do it? I was thinking of maybe doing the same.


SonyaM - May 29

Hey Bonnie. I peeled the zuchini and sqaush, sliced them into big thick pieces and steamed them (seperately) until very very tender. Then I put them in the blender with some of the water from steaming them and pureed them. I then just poured it into the ice cube trays, coverd with saran wrap and then foil. Once they are frozen I will take them out and put them in big gallon size baggies to place in the freezer. The green beans were a little more time consuming. You have to snap the ends off of the green beans, wash them and then steam them. They also take a lot longer to steam. Then I just pureed them with some of the water and did the same as above with the ice cube trays. Overall all it was really easy and I think in the end will be cheaper than buying the jarred foods. My main reason for wanting to try this was (1) I could not find zuchini in the jarred variety and Mason loves it and (2) I was shocked at the ingredients in the "dinner" variety meals. The chicken and rice one had onion powder, tomato paste, etc. YUCK!! I didn't want Mason eating that. So I plan on making some chicken and rice and seeing how that goes.


RB - May 29

hey sonyam - let me know how thbe chicken and rice goes - tried with nolan and he didn't go for it... also, any suggestions on how to make it better maybe? i know he ate a bit of fish, liked it, ate a bit of beef, liked it... so i might try again... maybe i made it too "textury"... good luck! and i'm proud of you too!


Bonnie - May 29

I haven't even looked at the stage 2 yet. Hmmm. All the stage ones are just the veggie and water. I wonder why they added more to the dinners.


Rabbits07 - May 30

I plan on making my own baby food also when the time comes. Did you have any problems with strings in the beans? I am also wondering how to do corn since even when cooked it has that hull on it? It has been my experience that the dinner variety meals can be tough on them when they have sensitive stomaches...my second son never could eat them. Plus, all that onion powder, garlic, etc. makes changing a diaper a majorly UNPLEASANT experience! (not that it's fun anyway, but you know what I mean;-)


kimberley - May 30

with peas and corn, you have to take the skin off, for the first 12 months. Also...just a note, if you steam veggies too much it takes all of the goodness out of them...if you are using a blender, they dont have to be steamed too tender, just so they are soft, as they blend up to puree really well, especially with using the water you steam them in :) Beans are time consuming, as you have to make sure you get all of the runner off of them...choking hazard. I found pumpkin, carrots and potatoes great as first time foods (of the ones I made myself) It makes you feel good to make your own fresh food for baby instead of all the canned stuff...well done Sonya :)



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