I Am So Sad Today

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ry - May 21

i have longed to have a sweet little baby for as long as i can remember and my dreams have come true and i have a beautiful little girl who i just adore. but today i miss being pregnant and dreaming about the anticiapation of her and i miss her being a teeny newborn so little and helpless (she is only 7 weeks now but so big!). i know it sounds horrible and is probably just from stress and lack of sleep. but i have had crying spells all morning becuase i had to put away a bunch of her precious little clothes that are too small for her now and i miss her being so small and wonder if i'll ever have another little girl who can wear these beautiful little clothes. ok, now i am babbling sorry! but why do they get so big so fast? :(


Bonnie - May 21

Heh...perfectly normal. :) I even miss my delivery! I'm so glad my son is here, but there are days where I wish I could stick him back in there. :P


jas - May 21

I know what you mean, ry... It's sad when they grow out of their cute little outfits... Seems like yesterday I was bringing my ds home and he was so small. 8 weeks later he seems like a giant. What's really hard is my 11 year old! He was always my little one, then we brough home ds and all of a sudden my little one is REALLY big!!! Time flies by SOOO fast. Enjoy everyday to it's fullest!!!!!!!!


ash2 - May 21

i know what you mean ry, but i have a 3 years old son and about to deliver any day with my 2nd son. it sounds like you may have a " tad" bit of what they call post partum blues. i had it with my son and the more i went out with people like my family, or friends that had children , it got alot better. listen, when your child gets old enough to walk , you get to take him places like the park, the mall, mcdonalds, the pool, picnics, and all sorts of places. trust me, take plenty of pics while they are little because you will have something to look back on, but you get to train them and teach them , and then one day get to see them as what they have become, and it will be because of you that you made her into what she is! good luck, and call your doc for some one to talk to


JAI - May 21

I know exactly how your feeling. My son is almost 7 months old, and he is at a really fun stage. But I still miss feeling him inside my tummy kicking away or when I brought him home from the hospital for the first time, so tiny and wee. But again I also love the way he is now, growing and gaing such a little personality. Isn't being a mommy the very BEST!!!!!


grandma - May 22

It seems that sometimes these feelings never go away. My children will be 23 & 24 years old this July and my granddaughter is 5months (we all live under the same roof). Sometimes I still feel that same way when I look at the baby. The first time my daughter & I went through the newborn clothing we both felt "it" but, for different reasons and on diferent levels...the good news is, now that's your little one is growing she'll be surprising you with so many "first" on a daily basis. She's going amaze you. They are on the road to milestones. There's so much to look forward to! :) remember how you feel right now the day she finds the only crayon in the house and has just scribbled all over the walls:)


Rabbits07 - May 22

Glad it isn't just me:-) I was going through ds clothes yesterday and was having to pack up those that were too little already and felt blue. DH thinks I'm crazy because everytime I see that credit card commercial---the one that starts out with them dating, then getting married, honeymoon, pregnant, then grandparents---well, I just can't help but get teary eyed. They do grow up so fast. My oldest just turned 15 and it seems like it was only yesterday that I found out I was pregnant with her. That is exactly why you have to make every day count.


austinsmom - May 22

oh sweetie, you are perfectly normal to feel this way....I am sure our hormones have not gotten adjusted back to normal quite yet and could have something to do with it.....regardless understand you are not alone with your feelings.....Mine is almost 5 MONTHS now and wow I cry at everything ......he is growing so fast as well in fact he has finally doubled his birth weight.....so sad....but.....good that he is healthy and doing so well....waring feelings......that cherio (sp?) commercial with the little girl singing happy mothers day to her mom to the tune of happy birthday got me everytime it came on cause I am excited that my little man will one day sing happy mothers day to me.........then I cry for how fast he has grown and all the new things he can do ......motherhood.....ohhhh there's nothing like it I am finding out as a first time mom!!!!!


ry - May 22

Thank you guys so much! You all made me feel better and its nice to know i am not crazy and i am not alone. And it is so exciting to think of all of things she is going to start doing-smiling, talking, walking, etc. Being a mom is the best thing in the world. Period. :)


Heather F - May 22

I sometimes feel sad also, I wanted to be a stay at home mom forever and now that I am I feel isolated - isnt it aweful that the gra__s is always greener on the other side?


hmreyna - May 24

I was the exact same way. I saw my favorite maternity shirt in my closet and started balling!! Now my son is 12 weeks and it couldn't get any better! You have soooo myuch to look forward to and every week for me just get's better and better! I actually had ppd, now it's under control, but I would say if your still feeling blue in a few weeks to call your doctor. Just my experience and now I LOVE being a mother.



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