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ITSABOY - February 24

I miss you all so much the reason why i have not been able to get on here is bc tyson has been so sick it has been severe since sat of last week 1 week ago today.I took him to the doc mon and they said it was just a cold in his head upper respitory infection and it will go away on its own at that time he was only running fever ,coughing,fussy,runny nose.i took him back on wed bc he was coughing so bad,all the other symptoms i named,so congested and i could here wheezing the doctor explained the wheezing was comming from his head not chest and said he will get better on his own.he is only 6 months old today.I took him back to the doc friday bc the wheezing is so bad and he said it is in his chest now he gave him abuterol he is wheezing bad.he has ear infection in both ears they gave him amoxicilan.so he has stuffy nose,fever never over 101 so its better,ear infection,wheezing,so the doc says he has broncitis iam so worried.my husband and i have both got the same thing about 2 days after he got it.has anyone else ever experienced this please help sorry if my typing is off i have had no sleep in a while.i have to work today and i am going to try my best to get back on here.i miss you girls so much hopefully i will be back on here for good soon.


Patti - February 24

Sounds like RSV, but either way you'd treat the breathing the same. My advice is to go ahead and give the breathing treatments as recommended, usually every 4 hours. Try to get as much fluid in him as you can. After about 24-48 hrs on the antibiotic you should see an improvement to both bronchitis and ear infection. My DD is the same age and she had it about 3 weeks ago. Our whole family got sick and I had to go on antibiotics too. It was not fun. Good luck to you and I hope Tyson feels much better soon!


jas - February 24

When Jadon was about 7 months old, he had the same thing. He was on the nebulizer and had to have breathing treatments every 4 hours. Even during the night. It helped tremendously. He will get better soon!


LisaB - February 24

I was wondering where you had gone too. Hang in there I hope hes better soon!


Steph - February 24

Aww, I know how you feel. Trevor just got over the exact same thing two weeks ago. His temp got up to 103.7, so I understand how scary it can be. He also got the double ear infection and had RSV. jas is right, the breathing treatments really help. Hope you guys all get to feeling better soon.



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