I Am Soooo Stupid

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TinaMarie - June 11

Ok, so for all of you who have read my post about 6.5 month old suddenly not sleeping and then there was the help me cio w/ a 7 month old who already stands, since you all were so helpful and sweet I am obligated to tell you it was all self inflicted!!!! Ok rewind to 3 weeks ago. My daughter has a monitor that projects the stars and moon on the ceiling and plays music. It just does not play music that long. So I went and bought a fisher price one that goes on the crib and will play till you shut it off. Thought it was a good idea.....ummmm, not so much. I have gone through weeks of crying and screaming at naps and night time. She was inconsolable. We went to the doctors to check for ear infections, blamed it on teething, and anything else you can think of. I was clueless! The doc told me it was time to cio. I tried, but I am a wimp. I was so scared she would stand and fall in the crib and hit her head on the bars that every little bump I heard I ran it there which obviously defeated the purpose of cio. So thank goodness for $1 batteries. They only lasted 3 weeks in the new fisher price music player and so last night at bed time I pulled out the old one, I figured something was better than nothing. I pushed the button and the music started, the image appeared on the ceiling and she laid right down. She was sleeping in 15 minutes. No standing, no crying, nothing. At one point about 11pm she woke for a moment and started crying (it goes on automatically when she cries) and it went on, guess what? SHE WENT BACK TO SLEEP! My poor little sweetheart would not sleep because her butt head mother changed her sleeping routine with the new music player. I could not believe it. She slept so good last night and woke up happy playing in her crib. I feel like a moron that it did not dawn on me that she missed the other music. So we have a happy household this morning. My husband and I got to snuggle all night, Angelina got a good night sleep and big brother was not woken up by crying.Seriously, thank you guys for all the advice and ideas. I feel kind of stupid admitting it was self inflicted, but had to share...lol. Moral of this story, if it isn't broke, don't fix it!!


emilysmommy - June 11

Hi, can you tell me exactly what it's called. I'd love to get my baby girl one!! :-)


Rabbits07 - June 11

ahhhh...well at least you figured it out!


Bonnie - June 11

LOL....Wow! Who would have thought a simplet hing like music would have such an effect! You're not stupid, I would never have thought that either. I'll have to remember that if I ever change anything on Mason!


Kel - June 11

Yes, what exactly are you using. It goes back on when she cries?? How cool...let us know what it's called!! Thanks


TinaMarie - June 11

Hi all! It is a older model I think because I friend gave it to me. But it is neat cause you can talk to them through it also if you are in the other room. Anyways this is what I found on amazon, just so you can see a pic. I was surprised because the reviews were either they loved it or hated it. I love it!!!! http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/B00005QIZX/102-7557014-2571321?v=glance


emilysmommy - June 11

Hi TinaMarie, I couldn't click that on...can you tell me why you typed into Amazon to find it? Thanks..:)


Sarahsmommy - June 12

I'm glad you figured it out. I also never would of guessed that.



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