I Am The Worst Mom On The Planet

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flower.momma - February 17

I just have to vent. I think I terrified my 2-year-old. Our cat has something called psychogenic alopecia. When she is stressed she licks all of her fur off, and sometimes gets scabby areas. I have to put this medication on her called sulfamed to prevent infections. Well today I was putting it on, and I heard Flynn make a major poopy. He hates being poopy so he started to scream. I set down the bottle of medicine on our table, put the cat in the basement, came back with a diaper and saw my 2-year-old dumping the entire bottle of smelly, oily medicine on the floor. I said "What are you doing?!?!?!" She turned around, looking like the guiltiest person on the planet, slipped, and fell into the puddle. I am freaking out, scared that she is going to get hurt by the medicine, Flynn is screaming, so I pretty much tear off her nightgown, and throw her under the tap in the bath-tub. She is screaming, I am covered in the medicine from carrying her, Flynn is screaming, so I have to run upstairs and change my clothes, then wash my hands, then stick the binky back in his mouth and clean up the mess before it seeps into our rug. I come back, check on her, and she has poured 2 NEW bottles of shampoo on the floor and in the bath. I kind of scream, run, stick the binky in Flynn's mouth, run back and tell her how unhappy I am with her. Run back, clean some more. Wash my hands, stick the binky back in Flynn's mouth who has tears running down his cheeks and is hysterical to the point of choking. Then I change my clothes again, run back and the little turd is out of the tub, dumping randon stuff in the bathtub (tp rolls, Flynn's baby bathtub, the plunger). At this point I am about ready to wring her neck. But I don't, I just grab my hair, and start sobbing, and she starts sobbing, and Flynn is still sobbing, so I run back, pick him up, tell her in no uncertain terms that she is a very naughty girl, calm him down, and now I am venting. Aaaaaaaah! Please tell me that this kind of thing has happened to you before. I feel horrrible. I seriously lost my patience. I just had this urge to slap her across the face. I didn't, thank God! Does anyone else ever get those feelings? I feel so much better now that I have vented, but I still feel horribel. Ugh. I am going to go lay sleeping Flynn down now and talk tp her in a reasonable manner.


seanandmya - February 17

You are by no means a horrible mother ! Everybody will lose their patience at some stage with two kids , I know I have have ;D Things just get on top of you and it's d__n near impossible to take a step back , there isn't time ! The important thing is that you looked after your children even though everything came at you at once and you didn't lose your temper which is easy to do , Ive nearly done it myself and then felt like the worst mother in the world too ! But we're NOT ! I think you handled it just fine , try not to beat yourself up , your only human !


Rhiannon - February 17

Mine are only 6 months, but you are not a bad mother. Your daughter sounds like she's going through a major phase, (from some other posts). I hope it pa__ses quickly and I'm so sorry you are stressed. When they go to bed you should have a giant bottle of wine. Hell, why wait? Have it now. Best of luck.


flower.momma - February 17

Yes, she is 2, and being 2 is all about pushing my b___tons, so it seems. No wonder the cat is stressed. LOL.


Rhiannon - February 17

LOL. Poor cat. I can just imagine the little thing licking itself bald. One of my dds has started reaching for the cats everytime they walk by. I wonder if it will be the same thing.


k.p.j.e. - February 17

Oh man...that made me tear up. Just the image of all three of you sobbing was enough to pull my heart strings. You are so not the worst mom on the planet! Good job for getting through that! Sometimes it can be the most horrifying job in the world but as we all know it goes by so fast and all you will have are the memories, and we will be glad to have them...even the sh*tty ones! I am proud of you for not slapping her LOL. Don't be so hard on yourself sounds like you pulled through really well. I sure hope you are doing better by now.


Rabbits07 - February 17

Gosh, if I had a dollar for every time we've had "days" that made me feel like a horrible mom I'd be rich! Don't fret about it. I don't know you personally, but I feel like I know you some from your posts and I think you are far from being a horrible mother...you always come across as a very caring and loving mom. We all have our days when everything seems to go wrong and we feel like the kid(s) are doing everything under the sun to get on our last nerve, and even feel like beating them.....the important thing is that we don't actually beat them...lol.


BriannasMummy - February 17

You are DEFINATLY not even close to the worse mom on the planet!!!!!!!!! I think you did a fabulous job at taking care of that. I couldnt even imagine myself in the same situation! Its easy for anyone to get upset in a situation like that.. and its totally okay that you were a bit frazzled. In the end you took care of the problem.. and you made sure you kept yourself in control. It seems Poppy is giving you a good run for your money sometimes.. i remember those days.. Brianna used to do the same kinds of things.. get into things just BECAUSE, used to make me want to pull my hair out, sometimes even made me feel like i just wanted to take her and shake her ( I never did.. i just felt like it). I know exactly how you feel and I think you did everything right. ~Kristin~


Momof5 - February 18

You are by no way a bad mother. You are just in the rough years of having a toddler!! I think you did a wonderful job of handling the situation.. As long as you have hair left on your head your doing great! lol


mandee25 - February 18

Wow what a day! I had tears in my eyes just reading it thinking of my future and Noah being a toddler. By the way, you handled the situation the best way you could. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world. Please do not beat yourself up over it because like some of the other moms have said, no mom is perfect and we all have days when we feel like a bad mom, which you are NOT!!!


flower.momma - February 18

Thanks ladies. I feel a lot better now. My daughter is definitely a willful little person. Which I like, but it also wears me out. She also has hypoglycemia, so she turns into a devil-child when her blood sugar is low.



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