I Beat My Baby This Morning

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CEM - December 13

I feel so terrible! Early this morning, I was awoken out of a deep sleep swinging, and I socked my baby right in the face! I was having a dream that I was being attacked by a vicious cat that kept biting my fingers. It got a hold of them and wouldn't let go, so I was trying to get the thing off me! There are probably many who are going to say yet another reason not to co-sleep, but I've done this with my other kids, and nothing like this has EVER happened before. This is the first time in 5 years! Now I'm afraid of what kind of a dream I'll have tonight. Maybe it's time he slept in his crib....


Chelsey - December 13

I hope the little guy is okay! Dont be too hard on yourself! Accidents happen... You could always just try him in his crib, see how he likes it! (He might just love it, now that you gave him a shiner!) Ha ha, crazy dream though, CEM!


monica - December 13

dont feel so bad...it was not your fault. You were having a nightmare....My baby has fallen off a futon and his bouncer and it has been my fault....How old is he now? Maybe he will like his crib.


CEM - December 13

No shiner, thank God!! I'd really feel awful then. He's such a good baby, he was sleeping so peacefully snuggled up next to me, and WHAM!! :(. I will definitely try his crib tonight, that is the goal most of the time, but we always end up falling asleep together. My dreams are always very vivid and physical, but I thought your body couldn't move when you're in a dream state? To avoid exactly what happened...


CEM - December 13

Hi monica, he's 5.5 months old. He hasn't fallen off anything yet, but I'm sure that'll happen soon enough. The other 2 always did, my fault too :(.


Christy - December 13

I would feel badly too, but it's not like you did it on purpose. That is why I don't sleep with Ben. I am too scared of something like that happening. I sometimes doze off for a short while with him in bed while I'm nursing, but that is it. Anyway, maybe you could try the crib tonight, but I bet you'll be fine if you decide to keep sleeping with him.


April - December 13

You bet it'll be fine to keep co-sleeping?!?! I don't think you should feel bad, because obviously you didn't do it on purpose, but if this is something that you deal with regularly (vivid dreams) - then that baby needs to be in his crib. He may be unhappy at first, but that's better than dead.


Kristina - December 13

haha you can definitly move around when you are in dream state..I've learned that with my hubby! I won't sleep my baby in our bed cause he trashes around so much!! Runs in his family...his step mom says his dad is the exact same..Now Tasia is getting that from him..she "talks"(squeals and coos) in her sleep like him too. haha


Kristina - December 13

**thrashes not trashes =)


CEM - December 14

Thank you all for trying to help me feel better! I still feel terrible, so I think I'm better off just trying to do something about it instead. I am a very deep sleeper, and always have intense dreams, so I think I'll just get him used to his crib from here on out. Last night I put him in it as soon as he fell asleep and he didn't complain. He's pretty laid-back, so it shouldn't be a problem. It's me not waking up that's more of an issue.



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