I Brought My Baby Swimming

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wenling - September 16

Is 5 mths too early to bring a baby swimming? Well, I brought him yesterday and he loves it!! I'm so surprised at how coordinated his kicks are. It's as if he knows how to swim without having to learn!


Kathryn - September 16

I don't think there really is an age limit. I keep thinking my son would love to swim because he loves to play in the bathtub.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - September 16

My mom took Amaya swimming (I wasnt happy about it) when she was about 3 months. She loves it! It doesnt bother me now but we make sure that she doesnt get under water (ears, eyes, etc.)


TARA - September 17



chelsey - September 17

My little girl was swimming at about 5 months! Her Dad was really brave, and let go of her in the pool! While I was freaking out, she was swimming! She knew how to kick her legs and hold her breath! She didn't sink, she floated! She didn't choke on water or anything! I couldn't believe it! It wasn't a chlorinated pool, it was in mountains spring. She's a fish now, at almost 4 years old!


wenling - September 17

lol!! So glad to know i am not having fun with him at the expanse of hurting him in any way. today when i went with him, he started laughing out loudly when his face hit the water by accident. Scared me for a bit there. And when we went home, he was so unhappy he started crying. awww. :(


wenling - September 17

http://wcung.photosite.com/Album14/ there's some pictures of him there in his float and swimming.


chelsey - September 17

Wenling, he is too cute in that floaty thing! He looks so happy! lol, those pictures made me smile! what a sweety!


Tami - September 17

Babies actually are born with a natural reflex-they can swim! I haven't heard that swimming is bad at five months-in fact I teach a mom and tot swim cla__s and many people bring thier little babies. It is pretty fun.


wenling - September 18

oh.. I heard abt the swim cla__ses for moms and babies all the time but i have yet to come across one here where i am.. sounds so fun! after the daily swim, he is sleeping thru the night! finally!! woke up at 6am this morning so energized.. Well, too energized! lol!


Jess - September 29

my daughter took baths and showers with us since her cord fell off! she loves the water! At two months we were able to take her to myrtle beach and play with her in the sur.. she was a water rat on the pool this summer.. and if we let her spash on the river bank, it makes her day! The earlier exposure the better! Just make sure you are SOOO careful!



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