I Can T Keep Up

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KLC - February 4

OMG...do I ever do anything besides clean the kitchen and do laundry. Oh wait yes I do, I clean shit and puke and wipe boogers and wear all of the above. I am so discouraged and just need to vent. I have four kids and a dog and a dh and a huge house to take care of. My husband is NO help with the house unless you call throwing his dirty laundry on the floor beside the laundry chute helping. Today I have cleaned the kitchen 4 times and done 6 loads of laundry, The baby is teething so that equals crying miserable baby nonstop all day. My three older kids are bored stiff because it is like 5 degrees out and I have told them no outside today. So they are all fighting and I swear to you the damned kitchen is a mess again. The laundry room floor is still somehow covered in sorted piles of laundry, the bathroom floor is flooded from my 9 year old science experiment(bte, qtips do NOT float no matter how much water you try to submerge them in. ) I have four baths to give and the damend dog just threw up on the kitchen floor. Where is my husband you ask? Why out on the snowmobile trail with his buddies probably cozy in some bar watching the big game while I sit here hanging on VERY loosely to my last shreds of sanity. Must be nice. I just can't do it all. Sorry but I neded to get that out.


KLC - February 4

I forgot to add that I work 30 hours a week and five days a week. Where is my break???????????


EricaG - February 4

KLC, I'm sorry :o( I wish you were having a better day. I don't have any suggestions really and that's probably not what you're looking for anyway. Just wanted to say that I hope you get a good night's sleep and tomorrow is a better. btw, I know it's hard being a snowmobiler's wife, lol.


KLC - February 4

I always say I'm a widow during both snowmobile and gold season!!!! LOL


KLC - February 4

gold season...what a moron I am today...I meant golf!!!!


Crissy - February 4

Wow, I'm so sorry to hear about your situation too. And I thought I had it bad LOL. Well you sound like a super mom, that's for sure! You just need a vacation bad, it sounds like. :-) I don't have any advice either, but I feel for ya. Hope your day goes better tomorrow.


EMBERBABY - February 4

Hey KLC, I am sorry to hear you are feeling overwhelmed hon. Hope things get better =0) Oh and I would think qtips would float for sure! Wow guess I was wrong lol.


punkin01 - February 4

klc......first of all i do have a super husband and i love him dearly but when i was preggo with my DD i felt fine wasnt tired or anything and i wasnt allowed to do dishes carry laundry, change it over in the dryer carry it to bed,couch where ever to be folded now i could fold it but i couldnt put it away though hubby thought i might have broken a nail i guess it was his first baby my second and trust me i enjoyed the pampering but i got annoyed too.........this pregnancy he has helped very little with housework now he will do anything for our DD but thats it he will help with housework if i ask/beg/b___h but i shouldnt have to .... and i have been VERY tired and morning sickness from hellat first so i went on strike i cleaned the bathroom and the kitchen(counters and sink and stuff realted to cooking) the table got piled up couldnt eat at it laundry got a little behind to where he was asking for this shirt or pants that hadnt been washed yet and the living room was messy and he would pile c___p on the couch when he came home from work so i left it instead of picking it up like i used to so when he got ready to sit and relax HE had to do it anyway to make a long story short the other day i was fussing at my son for leaving his books and saxaphone in living room and all my hubby chimes in that your mom is pregnant and shouldnt have to clean up after us and i was like excuse me ......so hubby got up and helped me clean each room and has been very good at helping me keep it picked up he works 5 days a week and i work 2 and the house got messed up alot in those 2 days and i was stuck cleaning it and watching 15 mo old and being preggo and i had enough so i let him see that i could pile up and then he realized it and helps so much now so that maybe what he needs is to realize you need help sorry so long and so messy as f


punkin01 - February 4

it cut my last part off.....anyway sorry so messy i am in a hurry typing lots of luck to you


aurorabunny - February 4

Good lord woman, I was already feeling sorry for you but when you mentioned the 30 hour work week?? SHEESH!! Sounds like you have got your hands full. My only suggestion would be maybe sell one or two of the kids? LOL JUST KIDDING! I would be whipping hubby's b___t into shape if I was you. That sounds like WAAAAY too much for one person to try and tackle alone. Also, is it possible that you could work some hired help into your budget? It sounds like you have your hands full with the little ones so maybe just someone that could come help with laundry/cleaning? Just my suggestions...hope this all works out for you, hope you get a break!


vanja10 - February 4

KLC - i was going to suggest getting some help even from family or hiring a babysitter.. You can get someone to watch the kids (keep them occupied) while you tidy the house.. Or the other way around... I know there are a lot of teenagers that maybe for 10 bucks an hour might do a good job and once your hubby sees that you have to hire help, maybe it'll sink in. I'm pregnant with my first (due end of feb) and my 13 year old niece told me for 10 bucks an hour she'll help.. never had to call her before, but you can bet money that I will be calling her once my little one gets here... my hubby helps around the house sometimes, but usually it's when I start whining... or threaten his golf game... Also, one last thing I would say.. When your hubby comes home, just tell him you're having some 'YOU' time and you'll be at the spa, or gym or wherever you'd like to be and leave him with that mess... then go away for a loooong time, so he can see what it feels like.. nothing like giving him his own medicine..


Keli - February 4

I think the help you need, is off on the snowmobile or at the bar... He probably works 40 hours a week, but sounds like he doesnt help you enough. Let it go, let the laundry go, step over his laundry that he can't get into the basket. Let him worry about if the dog has a bath... You need to take off for a weekend, and let him handle it all, then he will apreciate what you do.... it doesnt sound even to me. Now, I thought I had my hands full, 2 kids I work 40 hrs a week, 2 rescued boxers and a hubby... but your post wore me out!!! good luck! :-)


^lucy^ - February 5

oh my God!! you are definately superwoman!! (superman's lady version :p ) i can never imagine myself into ur situation!! i would commit suicide believe me lol just kidding.. i dont have any solution other than get hired help if that is an option for you.. also, get your kids help u with laundry and stuff.. let them clean the mess they've done.. i was about to cry when i read ur post but when i read that u work 30 hrs a week i definately felt sorry for u :( hope u stay a super woman and really and i mean REALLY get ur husband involved or lock the door on him :p


soon2bemomof3 - February 5

KLC: I know EXACTLY how you feel. See I have 3 kids and 2 cats that I clean up after with NO help from hubby. He gets to have his poker nights once a week and I get to work my 8-5 monday-friday job come home, give baths, clean litter box, do dishes, laundry, cook, take care of a 2 year old and a 2 months old, help 9 year old with homework and MAYBE by 9 pm get to eat MY dinner. Weekends well those just get better, I get to do laundry (10 loads by then), listen to children fight and cry (don't get me wrong I LOVE them) while my hubby is at work OR downstair in his little play area with his BIG SCREEN, GUITARS AND TOYS. So yea, I know how you feel. EXHAUSTED OVERWHELMED AND MISERABLE. That about sums it up for me.


mandee25 - February 5

I am only having two children-that's it! KLC- you deserve a break girl!


sashasmama - February 5

Mandy I'm with you, no more than two for me. I was thinking about having a big family, but after hearing a few real mothers talk about how it "really" is I changed my mind. You think you have a lot to do with one, I swear I would go nuts if I was in your situation KLC, and my dh for sure would get an a__s kicking. You need to bring him up to speed, let him take care of the house and the kids for a day while you go out riding a snow mobile (that sounds like fun), and don't feel guilty!


Sindel - February 5

I think we should steal the snowmobiles and go out for a drink and leave the men at home..



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