I Can T Put My Son Down

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JM - November 9

he is 3 weeks and all he does is cry if he is put down and not asleep. I can't set him in his swing or bouncer or bassinet. He constantly wants to be held including all night long. The minute I set him down he wakes up and cries more. I have a 3 year old as well and can't get anything done!!!! I just can't stand listening to him cry so I pick him up. I know you can't spoil a baby this age but what could be wrong?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 9

Ughh, my baby was like that forever, he still is to anextent. And I pick him up because I cannot stand the cries either. He even sleeps with me. It was when he got to be about 6 weeks that if he would look a something that entertained him slowly but surely he was able to be put down. Now he is 12 weeks and he has his aquarium bouncer,which he loves, and his mobile in his room, his swing, and he likes to watch some cartoons. This just started within the last month or so that he likes all these things enough to be put down. And when he is done with it or tired, there is no putting him down at those times either. I get absolutely nothing done and he is my only kid. He does not like to sleep ever either so I don't have too many breaks. I hope it gets better as he gets a little bit older and starts to like looking at different things. I feel your pain! I believe babies can be spoiled right away but that is just my opinion, if its not true I do not know what my son's problem is. Some babies are just high maintenance in comparison to toher babies. Mine sure is!


sam - November 9

my son was like that for about 5-6 weeks. it started at 2.5 weeks and ended at almost 8 weeks, i really thought he was spoiled and i couldn't get ANYTHING done either and he's my only child...he has many things to keep him entertained right now and he cries now when pretty much only when he's tired or hungry...that stage does pa__s, it may be sooner for ya or later but it will pa__s.


sian - November 9

my son is 2 and half weeks and is the same.i cant sleep at night because he wants me to hod him and im too scared to fall asleep with him.i have a 2 and 3 year old so i cant get anything else done either!


Tami - November 10

I don't know if you ladies saw my other post, but watch the video or dvd of The Happiest Baby on the Block. My little girl was like that (she is now six weeks), starting at two weeks and we finally watched the video and it truly works! Now I actually get sleep AND get things done. Hope this helps you.


Jbear - November 10

My baby was like that for the first few weeks. I bought a sling carrier and just wore her all the time. She was so comfy in it that I would actually have to take her out so she'd wake up to eat.


HP - November 10

My son is 6 weeks, and demanding attention around the clock. when he is asleep, that's the time to clean the house, cook, do laundry & dishes, fix formulas, read my email.. I shower every other day, my nails are unmanicured, my hair badly needs a trim (get the point..) Well, hope it'll pa__s soon. Tami, from the DVD, can you quote one of the tricks to a happy baby ?



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