I Can T Take It Today Vent

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piratesmermaid - March 8

We are leaving in less than 48 hours to go home to Wyoming which is over 16hours away, so we are living out of and around piles of boxes right now. Gretchen is crawling and getting into everything! She wanted to eat, like 4times last night and get up early, so I'm so freaking tired. During breakfast this morning she kept flinging her hand at the spoon and her food was flying everywhere! Everytime I go to change her diaper she throws a fit, tries to roll on her tummy, stick her feet in the dirty diaper, and chew on the clean one (though I am greatful it's not the other way around, ha!) and since she's teething (though her 4th tooth just cut through) she is chewing on everything (see puppy dog post) and the drool is just pouring out of her mouth! OH! AND the head shaking thing that I was worried about before, it's back! Everytime I go to feed her or lay her down she starts shaking her head like crazy!! She had stopped for like 2weeks and now..... it's even freaking my hubby out. Ahhhhhh!!!!! Sorry, just needed to vent. Thank's guys. *sheepish look* :)


ssmith - March 8

Oh man....that's a lot all at once. And, everything just seems worse when you're tired!! CAn you possibly get out for a while? Go for a walk, go to the mall, library, Starbuck's....anything? I find that getting out for an hour or two really helps. If I lived closer, I would come over and let our dd's play so you could have a nap! It will get better....it always does.


Nita_ - March 8

aww sorry to read about your day! That teeth must be bothering her quite a bit! If it's nice out, I would suggest going out for a little walk just to get some fresh air etc. Hope your travel goes well!


AnytimeLittleone - March 8

Oh piratesmermaid! Im so sorry that youre going insane today :( If its any consolation, Eva is driving me bonkers today too. Shes irritable, refusing food, and I just wish this darn tooth would pop through! Do you have a pack n play? If you do, you could always throw Gretchen in there for a little bit, while you have some coffee, or relax... Just give her lots of toys.. throw some music on... she'll be ok. I do that when I just need to lay down.. or I'll throw on a video that i KNOW she'll watch for 30 mins, so I can rest. Hope you get some sanity soon...!


mcatherine - March 8

But just think...in less than 48 hours you are going home.... Sorry you are having such a bad day. Hudson starting shaking his head yesterday, too and I planned on asking you if you ever figured out what it was. Guess not. Maybe it is teething...as Hudson got his first tooth this past weekend! Hang in there....


Emily - March 8

I know everything seems to make you want to scream when you are tired. Question, are you excited about going home? That should make it worth it.....Hope Gretchen does well with the move home!


sahmof3 - March 8

Oh my gosh! Moving with infants/toddlers is so hard. We moved when Nathan was 2 weks old and then again when he was 16 months. I don't envy you. I'm also glad the diaper thing wasn't the other way round lol.


piratesmermaid - March 8

We do have a packNplay, one of the few things still out. Problem with that is she relates it to sleep so she throws a fit whenever we put her in it. Ahh, home. I know. I'm looking forward to it, with the exception of the mile of dust that has probably built up in the 6(!) months that we've been gone. I'm really starting to think the head shaking thing is teething related. 'Cause it seems to be right after a tooth appears, and she doesn't have a fever so I don't think it's an ear infection like I thought previously. Apparently the head shaking thing is pretty common around this age. I've seen some other mom's complaining about it on a couple other baby/pediatrician websites.


piratesmermaid - March 8

She was 2 1/2 months when we moved down here so she slept a good bit of the trip and was fine whenever we got out to stretch only when we needed gas. I'm scared of the trip back! She is going to get so tired of being in the car and she is not going to sleep as much. It'll probably take twice as long! :(


chrissi79 - March 8

Oh dear,doesnt' it always seem that way? When you have something to do or somewhere to go...its Murphey's law...I hate that guy!! I hear you though, can be so so frustrating especially when you are so tired yourself. I get that. My DD was up all night last night and inconsolable, and the only thing that would quiet her down for a very short period of time was eating...like 6 times at least!!! lol :(


aurorabunny - March 8

Pirates!! Sorry you're going through this. =( Brody is still incessantly shaking his head like a crazy person though if that makes you feel any better. Sometimes you just have to laugh at the kind of stuff about the food going everywhere and stuff like that. I know it's hard, but sometimes I have to laugh so I don't cry of go insane....LOL. And just remember.....Wyoming=YOU'RE NO LONGER A PART OF TORNADO ALLY!! I'm jealous. =) Hang in there girly.


Haydensmom - March 8

We are going through the exact same thing right now (other than the moving). Hayden (now 9 mths) will not lay on his back for a diaper change for more than a few seconds without throwing a fit. He has been shaking his head a lot too. I really thought he was having some sort of neurological issue for awhile!! lol He has also been swatting at me, the spoon, and his pacifier. And as of yesterday he has learned that he can scream really really loudly. For naptime he will pull his pacifier out and throw it, start screaming, then laugh, then cry, shake his head, and want the pacifier back. It takes about 20 minutes to get him to take a nap. I'm hoping this phase goes quickly. Good luck with the 16 hour trip.


piratesmermaid - March 8

I try to take things lightly when she throws a fit and gets into stuff because it means she's growing up and developing. But when all this is happening first thing in the morning, it's hard to look at things positively. But I'm getting better. We're going to go outside after I take a shower. Hopefully that will help my mood (which seems to have gotten a bit worse since my SIL called, I didn't answer, but she tends to get all huffy if I don't answer the phone and I was just thinking of all the harsh things to say to her. It's horrible, I'm not like this usually!)..................aurorabunny (btw if we have another girl a few years down the road, dh and I like the name Aurora) anyway, yeah, laramie, WY is like 45minutes west of where the tornados usually start, so I'm happy about that (in fact that was one of the reasons I agree to move there in the first place!). Thanks, guys for listening.


austinsmom - March 8

Hi piratesmermaid .....have you tried giving Gretchen teething tablets? Mine just loves them and it does seem to help...


piratesmermaid - March 8

Yeah, we've been using the teething tablets during the day when she gets really fussy and tylenol at night.


austinsmom - March 8

Sorry I wish I were more help on the teething thing but my brain is wracked.......only other suggestion I have is to give Gretchen a spoon when you feed her so she has something to play with and occupy her hands ( baby spoon)


hmreyna - March 8

About the head shaking... my ds does the exact same thing. I think he does it b/c he is tired but I really wouldnt worry to much about it. He does it sometimes and other days he never does it.



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