I Cant Believe She Did This

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mosley12 - February 17

this morning, a friend and i went shopping for a crib for ds to have while we are staying at my parents. when i get home, around 1 ish, i asked my mom how the baby had been..and she great, especially after she fed him. and i asked what she fed him, because he gets formula during the day, and cereal once at night, and she said oh some peas. and i jsut stopped and looked at her, and iw as like what peas? and she was like the ones you bought. i was like the ones i bought but havent used because im waiting til he sees the doctor? ( he's only about 4 months) and i was wanting to start with an orange veggie after reading it was better. and she was just like oh. i thought you already gave it to him..so not only did my mom feed him somehting he hasnt had, but i missed the first time of him eating REAL food, not just baby cereal or something..she was telling me how funny his face was and it was so hard for me not to cry thinking about it (ive been crying pretty easily the last few days..lol) and i couldnt really get mad and say something cause of how much she's done for me the last few days!


krnj - February 17

I don't blame you for being upset. My mil gave my ds juice after I said I didn't want him to have juice yet. Try not to think about it too much, they'll be pleanty of other first times.


BriannasMummy - February 17

Aww w.. im soo sorry that you missed that. Keep in mind, youll get to see his first of other foods.. she just got to see teh first time he ate peas.. youll get to see the first time he has bananas.. or squash or something like that.. I know its not the same.. but its the upside. I always used to tell my MIL NOT to give Brianna certain foods.. and every single time i went back.. she had done the exact opposite! It made me a little upset, at least ur mom did it without knowing. Sorry things are so hard for you lately! ~ Kristin~


mosley12 - February 17

i know. i called his ped. and he said it was ok since he was planning on starting him next week, so igave him some tonight..he LOVES them...im just waiting on that first pea poop..lol



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