I DESPISE All Things Electrical

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vonzo - March 7

As some of you may know, my washing machine exploded a few weeks ago, then my dd's steriliser did the same, then my car decided to be an arse biscuit and stopped working properly too. WELL today we FINALLY got out new machine delivered, it came on time, no scratches, all looking hunky dory. Hubby when to plumb it in and BOOM the kitchen tap exploded and flooded the kitchen. He's been fannying around with it for a good couple of hours and it has totally broken. We have no water, no clean dishes, and i smell like a tarts handbag as i spilled a plug in air freshener all over me!!! I've swapped shifts tomo so have to leave my house at 7.30am so will have to try to lick my self clean or something as hubby wont have time to buy a new tap. My hair will be that greasy i'll probably be able to fry my breakfast in it and i'll smell like a walking advert for Glade Plug Ins... Needless to say we have no idea if the new machine works or not....so yeah, GREAT DAY!!!


SonyaM - March 7

Gosh your posts crack me up. Sorry you had such a bad day/month!!! Things have got to improve from here huh???


sahmof3 - March 7

LOL... sorry... I can't help laughing. Your posts are so funny. I never have had any luck with technology either. Don't you wish life had a rewind b___ton sometimes? Our washing machine died some months back as well. Not fun!!


Lisastar9 - March 7

vonzo you do crack me up also,I think you have quite tthe sense of humor to write a post about your bad day. Hope it getts better. (((HUGS)))


piratesmermaid - March 7

Oh gosh I'm so sorry, but at least you have a sense of humor about it. I hope things get better for you really soon. We had our dryer go kaputs a few months back. And our old washer was so off that it would actually walk across the floor during the spin cycle!


flower.momma - March 7

Oh man, I love your adjectives!!!! I'm sorry you've had such a rough time of things, but you do a good job describing it! And pirates, I had a washer like that. We used to say a UFO was taking off in the bas____nt whenever it went on spin cycle.



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