I Don T Get It

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LisaB - April 18

I don't understand what I'm doing wrong. My ds is 5 months and I can't get him to sleep we have a regular schedule a great bedtime routine but he will only sllep like 2-3 hours then needs to be put back to sleep. Also he is bf and I started him on rice cereal which hes allergic to I thought bf was supposed to help with allergies. I feel like I am failing him nothing I do seems to work. I love this little guy I don't know why I can't get it right. :(


LisaB - April 18

Oh also I see all these threads with moms whose babies sleep through the night and nap no problem. What the ????


Ca__sieSong - April 18

Lisa, don't blame yourself... you are not doing anything wrong. If your son is allergic to rice cereal, I do not think all the b___stmilk in the world could have prevented it. Also, I think at 5 months, your LO should be sleeping for longer stretches. At least 6 hours, but I would say closer to 8 hour stretches... talk to your ped about that one though. I will say though that the CIO method will work if you are up for it. Sounds like he can't put himself back to sleep when he wakes up at night. I know other bf babies who are younger that are sleeping through the night, so I think your son could too. Again, I am not his doc.. just my thoughts. We are usingCIO with our 4 month old and it is working. I recommend the book "Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Baby," by Marc Weisbluth.


pbj - April 18

I don't believe that most bf sleep for long stretches like formula fed babies. I could be wrong since my LO is formula fed. It's possible that someone in your or the dads family who could be allergic to rice. I agree that all the b___stmilk in the world can't change that. You are not failing...we all have parenting issues. My LO won't nap w/o me holding her and no matter how I try to break the habit, she just won't. Hopefully some moms who bf will give you some suggestions, but please don't beat yourself up. Every baby is different and they all have their little quirks...I know you're doing a great job...it just takes some time to figure them out.


TinaMarie - April 18

You are not doing anything wrong!! All babies are different. My Daughter is 5 months and she just started sleeping longer stretches through the night. (5-6 hours) But up till recently she would be up every 3 hrs. Did you try oatmeal? I know she likes oatmeal better than the rice anyways. It will all come together. I am sorry you are fustrated, but I am sure you are doing a wonderful job!!


corinne - April 18

My dd is almost two and still occasionally wakes up during the night I have tried everything. But some babies just can't sleep for a long period without waking up. It could be a dirty diaper or being hungry that wakes them up. So just remember that not all babies start sleeping through the night at a certain age. Hang in there you'll be ok


LisaB - April 18

Thank you ladies!!


jessb - April 18

Its nothing you are doing wrong. Babies are their own little people with their own personalities. Haha..my dd mostly sleeps through the night but every once and a while she decides she doesnt want to go to bed until 2am or that she needs to get up in the middle of the night for a feeding. We have no schedule, she basically rules my life :o) I know how you feel, i feel like a failure sometimes too. I have tried to let her cry it out but i just cant do it. She just screams hysterically, its so sad I always go in there after about 20 minutes. She is only 10 weeks but im sure by the time she is 5 months ill still be in exactly your shoes.



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